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Pink Pop Phone

Remember the 'phone' you plug into your handphone which I blogged about previously? Well... I got mine! And in my favourite colour. Hehehe...~

Since I don't have a mic, I can use this to make calls via Skype to my friends all over the world. Don't really have many friends in other countries I would call though... *foreveralone*

Use it with your laptop, handphone, iPad etc. You can even listen to music on this. The pick up button works to pause and play the music =)

It's actually like a normal sized phone.

Which.. You can do silly stuff with. But that's the whole point! Take a creative photo with your Pop Phone and join the Pop&Pose contest to win trips to Japan, Bali or an iPad2!

"Allows access to phone functions when making calls" Hell, yeah! Saves you the trouble of asking the other person to hold on while you switch to hands-free / speaker.

And these are, I believe, the first shots of my newly dyed hair on my blog. The change is not major but I definitely see a difference (you would too if you spent the same amount of time staring at my hair).


  1. WOW! Very interesting yet cute!!! hahaha

  2. I actually love this phone thing, though my only problem with it is that it doesn't seem very portable... Which makes me kinda sad. I actually wouldn't want to walk around in public talking into one of those! Haha. But if you spend a lot of time on the phone at home, then I guess that's pretty justified.

  3. Yup.. I try to minimize the amount of stuff I bring out so this isn't an ideal phone accessory to me lol
    Subject: [sugarcoatedmuffin] Re: Sugar Coated Muffin: Pink Pop Phone

  4. Aaaah! I have this in yellow. Never knew there was a pink one. TT_TT bummer.


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