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Lunch at Delicious Sunway Pyramid

Random : That awkward moment when you forget your own BF's birthday is today cos you were so engrossed in blogging.

Celebrated Adelyn's birthday at Delicious, 1 Utama (just remembered it's actually Pyramid!) last week. Actually went straight in holding our Chatime which we tapaued from SS2Mall cos that's where the best Chatime is.

I guess you could estimate the price of the dishes based on the look of a restaurant's menu lol

And.. The interior =/

Those 'trees' look like coat hangers or deer antlers.

Us with the birthday girl (Marian, Adelyn & I). Can't believe I've known this girl since 10. It's been a whole decade!

On to the food! Nobody ordered the meaty main dishes cos it was too expensive. There was even an RM 99+ set! lol~~

Huge chunks of cheese on top which I thought looked like potato peel. Not bad but I'm not a fan of carbonara to begin with. This was Marian's top pick.

DON'T underestimate this because of its small size. It's really creamy and filling. Very cheesy.

My least favourite out of the 5.. Probably Napolean Bonaparte's fav dish. Has a smoky taste from the beef bacon but I didn't like how it combined with the sauce. The presentation is kinda meh too.

I would actually recommend this over the rest due to it's price and portion. There's a lot of meat inside and it's quite tasty. Adelyn didn't eat her veges though.. xD

Not too impressed with my food either. It's not bad but could be better. I couldn't finish this though (partially because of the Chatime).

Cupcakes in place of the normal birthday cake! A guy seated in another table (not the 1 in the pic) was singing Happy Birthday along with us xD

Girl wished so hard, her hair flew up! lols

I'll huff and puff til I blow all the candles out!

Oops.. Cupcakes ruined by the candles =/

The angel.. *cough cough*

Erm.. Don't think I'll be heading here again hahaha... I'll rather go to Dave's for this price. At least I know the food there is good.


  1. Woooo this place looks amazing! I love the decor ^_^ OMg the cupcakes are so cute!!!!Happy Holidays dear! 

  2. Happy holidays to you too! ^_^

  3. i love that place. especially the cakes. i like the coconut cake.

  4. I have not tried the cakes there.. I don't usually eat cake unless at birthdays then I'll just have a bit
    Subject: [sugarcoatedmuffin] Re: Sugar Coated Muffin: Lunch at Delicious Sunway Pyramid

  5. wah~ looks like such a cozy place! and the food looks great too~ especially the pasta! happy belated to your friend! indeed, 10 years is a really long time! happy holidays :3

  6. All the food are mouth watering~ And they are my favs too ^^

    Love the muffins for Birthday and the place is awesome ^^
    Happy New Year 2012 to you my Dear <3

  7. wow the place looks great, the food looks yummy, and all you girls look so cute!! <3

  8. The place looks nice sad that the food didnt taste as great. everyone looks like they had fun though and the cupcakes look yum :)


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