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[Beauty] Horien Monthly Colour Lenses (Purple) Review

After trying the Horien 1 Day lenses, I said I wanted to try the coloured ones and these arrived! Xie xie ni, Horien..

Supposed to feel less drying because the water content is 38% - absorbs less water from the surrounding area aka your eyes.

Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14mm

The design is not exactly super natural but then again, purple is not exactly natural. I don't mind though! If I'm gonna wear coloured cons, it better be noticeable that I'm wearing coloured cons lolol I do like that the limbal ring is not a perfect circle on the inner side so it's less harsh looking.

It's comfortable to wear and I don't have any problems with the lens shifting when I blink. For someone with really dry eyes, it's alright.. Only flaw? Not enough colours! =(

Grabbed this from their Facebook page. I would probably go for the Rio Coco or Munich Brown next! =)


** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. I received that one too...mmmm after seeing you try it on then I will dare myself too...before this find it too blue. You have Beautiful eyes...I love Horien Eye Secret too coz the lenses very comfy and nice.

    1. You mean the colour is too strong? I'm used to wearing different colours so the colour is already quite dark to me haha!

  2. monthly contact lenses? Means have to change every month? woooo, is it budget-friendly?
    every colour looks pretty much the same to each other in picture on top..hehe..

    I want to try contact lenses for ages but never got into it.. btw, my corneas are still a virgin.. :p so takut la nak pakai! my greatest fear would be pealing the lense off. i know, very silly and pretty much baseless (lots of people have done it and live to tell the tales) but i'm so scaredddd

    1. Yeah you gotta change it every month for hygiene sake. It is not as expensive as daily lenses but definitely more costly than those you buy online like GEO but I guess these are safer?

      Don't worry... I spent an hour trying to remove my first pair of contact lenses LOL I was so scared that I couldn't remove it


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