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Strawberry Macaron Soap

I've had this in my cupboard for quite some time and I just started using it. It is super duper adorable! I bought this from Soapstar at Urbanscapes for RM 8. It smells of strawberries (this fades after using), is pink and had a sprinkle of body safe glitter on top.

Quite alike to the real thing, don't you think so?

Not only does it look good, it's very good to use as well! The soap is very smooth, easy to lather, doesn't dry my skin and best of all... It doesn't melt when I leave it to dry! Instead, it it forms this clear rubbery thingy at the base. No wastage!

You can check out the other flavours HERE. Not sure if they are still selling as the last update was more than a year ago =(


  1. hihi they look really real as macarons , so cute!

  2. wow looks so yummy :9

  3. they are so cute! but the shop last update was a year ago... quite afraid they might not selling it anymore... :(

  4. nice review! love macaron soap. super cute. love the packaging too... i want that! T___T

  5. Wow, it's super duper cute! Doesn't looking at it make you hungry? Because I'm craving macarons now (*≧▽≦).

  6. This one looks so cute! : D Yea, it looks quite real! : D

  7. Sadly, this is the closest I've been to tasting a real macaron =( not that I've tasted the soap.. lol


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