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Australian Confectionery

Gone are the days when we only buy cakes from Secret Recipe! This is a whole Mango Cheese Cake from Australian Confectionery. The cream on top is so smooth and white, it's almost like snow. Those chocolate decorations are really yummy too! It's so chocolatey and melts in your mouth.

Rice bubbles were used to decorate the sides. Initially though they were nuts!

The fresh cream is very smooth and dense, not sickening at all! My sis said the cream cheese is 'truly cheese'. If you're Chinese, the cakes here have a heavy 'sou mei' (something like a heavy dairy smell found in good quality butters). It's fresh with mango chunks inside. A very light cake for those who dislike overly sweetened ones.

Almost mistaken this photo of their Tiramisu as the Mango Cheese Cake =_=" Tiramisu cakes I have tried are either too dry or too moist but this is just right. The tiramisu layer had sufficient body and density, leaving it creamy, not merely disappearing in my mouth. The coffee aroma of the cake was not too strong so it complimented instead of overwhelm the tiramisu. High quality fresh cream that has been whisked to perfection is used. Even the chocolate piece atop the dollop of fresh cream was very good.

Aren't these just adorable? These Mini Butter Cupcakes are available in a simple plastic box, two dozen for RM 8. The moment you open the box, the strong aroma of butter hits you. Packed in small sized easy bites, ideal for parties. These butter cupcakes have a fairly rich buttery taste. Although they feel oily, they are not soggy at all.

This is some kind of chocolate cake.. It has layers of soft, fluffy chocolate cake with smooth coffee cream on top of a crunchy chocolate biscuit base. The cake is then coated with sweet chocolatey goodness. White and normal (brown?) chocolate was used to decorate the top. It is crowned with a ball of coffee cream and a chocolate piece which was really good as well. The whole cake was really delicious, ranging from soft to crunchy.

I admit, I actually love blueberries. Hence, I was so happy when I saw this here. If I'm not mistaken, this Blueberry Pie is RM 4.50 per slice. Looking at the amount of blueberries in it, I feel that I got what I paid for. The crust is crunchy and hard enough to hold its shape but I wouldn't say it's too hard. The blueberry is not too sweet; in fact it's just right. I love it! Will definitely go back for more.

Each Blueberry Cheese Tart is about RM 2+, standard price. The pastry was not too hard or soft and is really fragrant. Cheese is compact, best eaten cold. Actual blueberries can be seen on the tart unlike some places where they only give you a small swirl of the jam. It's not too sweet so I gladly gobbled a few.

Location : 13, Jalan 21/11A, Seapark, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (same row as Maybank)
Contact : 03-78760640 


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