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Sakae Sushi, Paradigm Mall

The location of Sakae Sushi is really strange. It seems you have to exit the actual building (at Plan B) in order to reach it. There are plenty of seats and service is good.
Prices of plates from train are as below :
Green plate : RM 1.99
Pink plate : RM 3.99
Red plate : RM 5.99
Blue plate : RM 7.99

Considered more reasonable compared to other shops. The train goes all around the shop snaking around the seats (quite amused by it). I have no idea why I forgot to take a photo of it. Orders are done through an iPad which is great since the table for 2 is too small to fit 2 menus.

Had a bowl of Chuka Hotate to start things off. IMO, they're a little too hard but tastes great.

Then we grabbed some sushi cos the food was taking a while and we were hungry. Seaweed was fresh and green. Yum..

Le bf ordered some kinda soft shell crab in spicy soup set that comes with rice, more chuka hotate (wth we didn't realize it), 3 slices of salmon sashimi, chawanmushi and miso soup. On my receipt it's written as Muzu and costs RM 30.90. The sashimi was unfortunately not fresh and pretty fishy even after we got a replacement. The chawanmushi here is super nice! It's so soft, smooth and so egg-y.

Liked the spicy soup with tofu but according to him, the soft shell crab was also fishy..

Isn't this a very nice photo?!?! lolol Somehow captured the light reflection in the soup. I chose udon over cha soba simply because I love udon but theirs is a bit too soft. The soup is nicer than at Sushi Tei though! Has exactly two bunches of that mushroom, two bunches of straw mushroom, one of that big fat one at the bottom (omg this is nice but pretty tasteless) and 3 slices of fishcake.

Overall, food's alright but I probably wouldn't order seafood here. You should try the chawanmushi! I wouldn't mind going back for some udon ^_^


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