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De Keiko 14

First encountered De Keiko 14 when they set up a booth in my college. Fell in love with their phone casings cos they're so special! I'm not sure how to describe it.. I always like 'jelly cases' cos they feel more shock proof if I drop them or when I put them down on a hard surface. This is similar except it's more sturdy. Sorta like hard rubber? I chose the Retro Strips Chocolate design which is selling like hot cakes. How do I know? I left the booth to reconsider buying it and came back to get it 20 minutes later and there was only one left xD It's so cute with the faded pastel colours and dripping chocolate.

Then le bf saw my phone and asked if he can have my casing ggrrr... It was a flat NO. So I bought the Retro Flag Polland for him lol He liked it for it's dirty and retro look.

You can see the texture of the casing clearer here.

Love how it hugs my phone perfectly unlike the loose el-cheapo casing I got previously which wasn't that cheap to begin with. Leave no gaps for dust!

They retail for RM 39 excluding postage but I got mine for RM 35 each. Apparently they're imported from Korea which is why you don't really see them around here.

Some of the other casings available :

Something else that caught my eye are these ear caps!! Unfortunately, they're a little more than I would pay for and for the S2, the camera is in the middle so it would block the camera.

Aaand my favourite!

So gorgeous! T_T~ Love the feather..


  1. Ahhh the casings look so pretty!! And the last pic (of the earcap) is really nice! But i inevitably will lose them when i want to use my earphones so i dont use them. >_<

  2. LOL Yeah.. Didn't think of that. But it's so pretty... T_T

  3. Waraooos~ Their casing very cute. I hardly can find any cute S2 casing around. And what piss me off is that S3 HAVE MORE NICE CASING THAN S2. I couldn't even get a cute Tony Tony Chopper S2 case. :(((((

  4. the iPhone has mooorreee!! =(((


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