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Traveling in Melaka

Went off to Melaka with le bf and hippo. There's actually a photo of the 3 of us but it looks like a hotel sex scandal photo so better don't post in case I become famous one day and someone digs it out lol


Lunch at Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball. Roasted chicken, otak-otak and chicken rice ball.

Honestly, the chicken rice ball isn't that good because it's compact and not fragrant =/

Like many other shops, the building is old and looks really nice.

Next was durian cendol at Bibik House Cendol. If you see a shop that sells all sorts of biscuits with a cendol stall in front and a big red sign, avoid it!

Durian cendol, RM 5. All I could taste was durian (added 1 scoop of yellow liquid) and it wasn't impressive. Very little ingredients and small portion.

Original cendol, RM 4. Didn't taste good nor fragrant. Cendol in PJ tastes way better!

Btw, takeaway is an additional 50 cents.

First taste of dong dong thong! Unfortunately, I left it at le bf's place and he Whatsapp me saying he's demolishing it =(

He said first trip together must take photo. Don't ask me why he's making that face. Not the first time!

Initially we wanted to try the satay celup at Capitol (I wrote Kapitan in Instagram =_=") but the queue was crazy so we settled for Restoran Ban Lee Siang. Each stick is 60 cents (mushrooms, baby corn, fishballs, pork, sausages etc). Pretty yummy but my personal favourite was strangely the BREAD! Omg dam niceee! Soft bread soaked in peanut sauce is just yums...

Note : They do not change their sauce so you're eating leftover food and perhaps saliva from previous customers since god knows how long ago. Suggest you let the sauce boil before proceeding @_@

The guys playing glow hockey cos I beat Andrew's ass at it the night before lol Two of us played and laughed so loudly outside the hotel until an uncle actually stood next to us and watched LOL

Lunch at Geographer Cafe which is a hotspot at night. The waiter in black shirt is dam rude! Kept giving us the 'don't waste my time' face as we were ordering and asking for recommendations. I overheard the waiter & 2 female foreigners behind me talking. She was asking about the size of a dish and he just walked off as she was still talking halfway to grab the dish to show her. Then when we asked for spoons, the guy just stood there and shoved it into our faces without uttering a single word.

Drinks were ridiculously expensive so they settled for RM4+ coconut which is even cheaper than a 'shuen mui' drink at RM8+!

I'm usually disgusted by tempeh but this was less pungent and had a bean-y fragrance. 

Jonker's Fried Rice.

This Chicken Dragoncello sure looked good! And it tasted delicious as well ^_^ Chicken's juicy and tender while the fries are SO crispy! The salad added some lovely colours to the dish.

Geographer Tom Yam Coconut Soup which is filled with capsicums to le bf's horror lol Also contains cherry tomatoes and 'tau fo pok'. Soup was a bit powdery and it wasted average. Not too spicy.

With le bf~ Thanks for the trip!

We stayed at a place called City Park Hotel or something which is pretty decent at slightly over RM 100 a night inclusive of (sucky but edible) breakfast. Clean room with window, TV, air conditioning, water heater and spacious bathroom. It's across this Hotel Shahbandar (big no-no!) which offered RM 70 a night but does not have windows, tiny space and smells horrible!!

Photo of random shop that reminded me of Prince of Persia xP


  1. The building furnishing looks stunning! and all the yummy food <3
    love the fresh coconut drinks!

  2. The coconut drink looks yummy! And your hippo is cute :)

  3. I knoww~~ I'm so attached to it my bf gives me the stare (cos I bought it FOR HIM lol)


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