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Malaysian Manners

So earlier today I was lining up at a kedai runcit (small grocery shop), carrying a big bottle of Coca Cola plus other stuff and there were 3 people in front of me, including 2 male foreigners. Both of them motioned for me to go first since they still wanted some candy at the counter (or the Coke looked heavy).

Can't help but realize that it is mostly foreigners who would do this. Some locals would just make you wait in line as they slowly look around and pick their stuff :

Hmm.. Mentos? Or a pack of Skittles?
Bah I prefer Skittles.. Original or Sour?
Oh look there are Cadbury bars as well!
But don't have my favourite flavour lah..
*line starts to grow like a Snake game*

Surprised but happy, I moved forward with a weak smile. It just hit me that I didn't even say thank you to them #malaysianmanners

Why didn't I? It is usually a very natural response for me. I even say sorry to my dogs! Maybe cos I'm too used to the local shitty manners and thought I did not deserve it hence did not say thank you? Or perhaps I was just too blur..


  1. hahah will, some people they just can't re-act about it . . . and there is many kind people in this world.

    for me, I will simply grab a kit-kat then go pay for it hehe

  2. hmmm, for me I will buy a kit kat and walk away so I dun make people wait at line hehe

    and some people doesnt know how to re-act when langgar people or kena langgar :X

  3. I found worm in kit kat that day. no more kit kat for me


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