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FOTD : Dirty Gold

Was heading to KLCC so decided to doll up a bit. Experimented with the new eyeliner Nicole gave me. I don't really like the outcome. Looks too dirty for my taste.

Products used :
YSL Matt Touch Primer
Elf All Over Cover Stick (Rosy Beige)
Silkygirl 2-way Foundation
Jordana Blush Powder (Rouge)
Elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder (Luminance)
Manly 120 Colour Palette
Joanna Pencil Eyeliner (Black)
Maybelline Magnum Mascara (Black)
Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu Lip Balm (Strawberry)
Rimmel Nude Delight

Basically.. I lined my eyes with the eyeliner and didn't even apply primer as I wasn't intending to put any eyeshadow on but I changed my mind and decided to smudge it with a reddish brown. And glad that I did, too! As I found out that the eyeliner smudges very easily and it could have smeared all over. Used a light gold-ish colour from the palette on the inner half, to blend the brown and on brow bone.

I was afraid my eye makeup wouldn't last without primer but it was too late to correct it. This is me after 4 hours. I spent most of it in an LRT and an air conditioned mall but I did walk in the sun for a little. To my surprise, even though my concealer was fading, foundation was barely there & my lipstick was non existent, my eye makeup was still hanging on! It was of course, faded, especially the dark part that was smudged from the eyeliner.

Close up comparison. Before on left, after 4 hours on right. Who says cheap palettes aren't good? =)

After this experience, I can conclude that the eyeliner is good for smoky looks. Very easy to smudge. However, I have no idea where you can buy one lol


  1. I love your eye makeup! =)

  2. Wow-- love that shimmery effect on your eyelid. Great quality shadow~~.


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