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Gone Etsy Crazy

* Please tell me if you are unable to see the images in this post. Because of my internet connection, I can't view a single one T_T

The Muse is having a giveaway and Bead Passion sponsored the prizes. Check out the super duper cute items!! I really like the sushi bracelet because I think it's really unique.

There are even detailed pics of the items lol The owner, Helen, really puts in efforts into her shop. Also, her prices are very reasonable.

Then I went to see the shop as well and there were even MORE cute items. Ahhh!! >_<


For your friends who love photography

I love the fact that there's texture in the biscuits so it looks real. I can almost smell them..

Mm... Bacon.. *drools*

Some of the things here look creepily real o.0

Such small detailed work..


If this was a local seller, I would have gone crazy and bought some just to admire every night =x Luckily, some reasons prevent me from breaking the bank and splurging on them xD
1. International shipping kills
2. No Paypal / credit card
3. Poor internet connection so I can't really open Etsy pages all the time

I also found some other similar shops on Etsy. I'm just so in love with these miniature stuff!

By Lory

This one really blew me away with the miniatures. So cool... o.0

** All pictures are from the respective shop owners. If you can't view them, it may be because they have deleted it.

Okay I think I got carried away with it lol Gotta stop here as my internet doesn't permit me to view any more pages. I have this thing for miniatures and I think they're just so adorable and nice to look at. It's gotta be either really tiny or really big xD

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