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Life Is Full Of Surprises

Have you ever had a moment where you are baffled because you never saw it coming and you absolutely can't figure out how it even happened? Well, I have. Twice. In the past month.

So I followed my Bf and his family for Christmas shopping at Pavillion. I didn't get anything except a Loccitane 2011 Calendar Diary which was for charity (that place is mad expensive!) but I followed him as he shopped for some stuff. We went into the changing room so he could try on some tops. And there, he gave me a lil blue box and inside the box was a puppy pendant (I still think it looks more of a kitty. What do you think?)

He said my face at the moment was priceless >_< I thought it was really sweet of him and couldn't stop smiling hahaha.. and I didn't even notice him going off to buy it! He refuses to tell me his 'secret' =_= I suspect he sneaked off while I was poking my nose around the many shelves at Watson's.

Few weeks earlier, we had gone to Curve and I saw these Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. (Adelyn!) I was really interested in them as it had cute drawings and the words are not too small and well.. I think it's childish but I like it LOL The Bf sneakily bought it and hid it in his bag and while we were in the car, he asked me to take my stuff out of his bag. I was like o.0 I didn't buy anything..

Then I saw the book and although this is embarrassing to admit, my eyes were watery lol

The whole book has lines on it and looks like a diary journal.

The CHEESE!! Jingyi, are you reading this? Lol

There are so many parts where I literally laugh out loud. This book is really entertaining and I would recommend it for people of any age xD

If you're curious about the CHEESE or why Greg wants to be bigger, drop by your nearest bookstore and get a copy =)


  1. aww! I want that book and your pendant is so cute! What a good bf!

  2. Awww your bf is too sweet! i can imagine you smiling away as you write this :)

  3. Ah ha!!!
    I read that!!

    The stinky cheese made him a lonely boy rite???
    No one goes near him and i duno wat game they played about and you cant touch tat cheesie fellow or you will be d next cheesie fellow rite??

    hahaha, i know this i know this!! LOL

  4. LOL Yes Ee Von, actually I was xD

    Hahaha Jingyi, it's.. the Cheese Touch xD Didn't know you will read it too hahaha

  5. Ahhhhhhh! WIMPY KID!!!! :DDDDD

  6. aww...that is so sweet of your bf! =) You're so very lucky!
    about the pendant, first glance, I thought it look like a puppy, looking up ahead..but after a couple of look, yeah, it can look like a kitty too..XD like it's facing us! LOL..weird..I know..but the pendant is gorgeous! ^^
    Haha..what an entertaining book.. But the nerd in me likes huge novels without any pictures and small typings..haha..XD I wouldn't be satisfied with that..but LOL at the booger..XD

  7. LOL I was the other way round. I saw the kitty first and couldn't even imagine how it could be a puppy until he told me.


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