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The Face Shop Hyaluronic Acid Mask

Covers my face moderately well and has sufficient slits. The nose flap is a little too long though and when it was wet, it covered my nostril lol Overall, the entire mask was too big for my face but because it is soft, I could arrange it to fit better.

Heavily perfumed >_< It's a floral smell that is kinda sickening.

Very watery. Will drip if mask is not squeezed of excess essence before applying. There is quite a lot of essence left in the packet.

Skin is soft and supple after using. However, I got a slight headache from all the perfume. From the photo, shine was zapped away and overall redness reduced, evening my skin tone. Left below is before, right is after.

Size : 22 ml
Made in Korea

Pros : Reduces shine, leaves skin soft
Cons : Perfumed, nose flap may cover nose
My conclusion : Will not repurchase. Can't stand the perfume!


  1. lol i thought i gave u this mask? u purchased one???

  2. This IS the mask you gave me lol

  3. Agreed! i also can't stand the alcohol scent.. Feels like i'm covering my face with a wet tissue..


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