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Movie : Let Me In & Megamind

* Some spoilers ahead!

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So I stepped into the cinema without knowing what this movie was about at all. Fortunately, storyline was good enough and I didn't feel lost. However, for the first part of the movie, I thought the girl was actually a small boy! >_< She sounded like a boy too.. =/ I got a shock when I saw the long blonde hair lol

This is a vampire movie but it's nothing like Twilight or Underworld. I feel that it's not really fantasy based although I think the idea of vampires alone is already fantasy. I like the fact that although it is a vampire movie, they include other things into the movie as well such as family and bullies in school. The two main characters are young (Kodi Smit-McPheeChloe Moretz) and they make a pretty good cast.

I would describe this movie as a horror, a little gory with some romance. There are some suspense moments and some scenes may not be suitable for young kids.. Some people were seen sinking low in their seats and I have to admit.. I was grabbing my Bf's arm a lot during the movie lol

Overall, I kinda like it =) Definitely worth watching in the cinema for the sound effects xD

*Image from Wikipedia

Now, the second movie, Megamind. Watched this with my friends on Friday ^_^ I didn't watch the 3D version though.

Really cute show. A good combination of humour, romance and well.. A little lame-ness lol There's friendship, loyalty and a love triangle involved. I would say it's suitable for watching with your friends, family or partner. Had a few laughs and I definitely enjoyed watching it.

Graphics is pretty good. I loved the way Roxanne's hair flowed when she was asking Megamind for help atop the building when Titan held her captive. Her hair looked so soft, I almost wanted to touch it lol

Btw, I didn't even realise Brad Pitt voiced Metro Man until I saw his name at the end and Googled it when I went home >_<


  1. This is actually a Swedish vampire movie and they remake to an english movie. U should check out the original one. I think once i post the swedish original title name "Let the right one in"

  2. lol after watching this, don't think I wanna check out the ori one >_<


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