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ZA Deep Hydrating Gel

Going back in time to when my skincare regime consisted only of washing my face with a Biore cleanser (or anything I can find in my bathroom), my skin was horrid! It was so oily but still flaking at certain parts like my nose and cheeks. Then it began to flake on my forehead but it felt oily inside. I also had numerous pimples all over my face. Alas,  I didn't have the knowledge I have now and neither did my sister. But in the end we couldn't stand the flakiness anymore and bought a jar of moisturizer. The flaking stopped in no time and my skin felt so much better. Ever since then, I have begun to learn more about our skin and found out that even oily skin needs a moisturizer.

This is my 3rd jar already and it's almost finishing. I know I've said once that when I finish this, I'll get the Hada Labo moisturizer but I've changed my mind. There are so many reasons for me to continue using this.

1. It's moisturizing (duh) enough for my oily + dry skin. As long as I use this, I don't get dry skin. It's not as moisturizing as the Hada Labo moisturizer (HLM) but I don't really need all that hydration.

2. It's not sticky. I love the velvety smooth feeling this moisturizer gives my face. If the skincare I apply feels sticky, I'll apply this moisturizer over it so it's not sticky anymore. HLM was very sticky and if I use just a tad bit too much, I feel a little icky.

3. No odd / over powering scent. I don't mind a moisturizer that smells like cucumbers but heavy floral ones are a big no-no for me.

4. Okay this is kinda stupid but I like the way the product looks. I think it looks appealing with the glass jar and white cover. Also, the gel itself is translucent with a tint of orange in it.

5. No skin reaction towards it. This doesn't cause me to get red bumps or breakouts.
6. Doesn't make my skin oilier. Having combination oily skin, I am concerned about using a lot of products as a lot of stuff are made for dry skin. Gels are actually meant for oily skin and creams are for dry skin.

7. Very affordable. A jar of this doesn't cost much and it's definitely within my budget. Also, it lasts quite a while.

1. Glass jar may break if dropped.
2. Digging into the jar with your finger  is unhygienic, especially if you have long nails. I always use a spatula.
3. Not moisturizing enough for dry skin.

Product says : Essential gel maintains healthy mineral balance and long lasting moisture for dewy soft skin. Has power mineral complex, Vitamin B5 & Vitamin E.

What do they mean by horny layer? >_<

Ingredients :

Size : 50 ml
Price : Sorry, can't remember but it was cheap
Bought from : Pharmacies
Made in Thailand

My conclusion : Worth repurchasing but currently have another moisturizer to use. I would recommend it for people with oily skin but for those with dry skin, you'll need something stronger.

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