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Food Post : Black Canyon

First of all, I LOVE PASTA! xD The Bf's sister recommended this place when we went for dinner at Centrepoint. I've been back there twice already. The fusion food is kinda tasty.

My Bf & I shared a salmon salad, RM 12.90. It's not bad but I personally prefer the tuna salad. Somehow, the tomatoes here tend to taste aweful!

As my main course, I had number 23, Fusilli With Tuna and Tom Yam Sauce (I think), RM 8.90 and a watermelon juice, RM 6.50.

He had Spaghetti with Seafood & Chilli Paste, RM 8.90 with extra extra seafood, RM 6. This is not to my taste but he says it's really good. For the pastas, you can choose which pasta you want.

I ordered an Udon Tom Yam Soup once and it was wayyyyyyy too spicy for me. I might have been allergic to something inside or it was just too spicy for me as I had difficulty breathing halfway x.x

I like the blackcurrant smoothie here! It's hard to find blackcurrant drinks locally so I was delighted! Tasted a bit like Sugus lol It was a tad bit too sweet though. Next time I'll ask them not to add so much sugar >_<

The waiters and waitresses are okay.. They are polite and attentive. Environment is okay too, is quite comfy there and you can smoke if you're not sitting inside the shop itself.

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