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Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

I got my Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara at the mascara exchange in Mid Valley. Look at the line!

The mascara.. <3 Getting something for free sure feels good xD

The casing is a lil big but it's not bad. I like the simple and cool look.

The wand is HUGE and really thick. I was afraid that the bristles are really long, causing too much mascara to be on it and it will clump. Even though it looked like a lot of product was collecting on the tip, it's actually just the applicator.

These are from yesterday's post. I've curled my lashes here after all other eye makeup.

Close up, you can see my lashes a little but in the full faced pic, they're barely noticeable.

Ta-da! They weren't lying about the false lash effect here! Very obvious lengthening action. It didn't do much for volume though. And I so love mascaras that give volume.. First time I used it, I was complaining to Nicole cos it clumped like mad!! It glued bunches of my lashes together and the result was just horrendous. I decided to give it a second chance and it behaved nicely this time. There was very minimal clumping and I didn't have to comb my lashes.

One big problem I experience with mascaras is black smudges below my eye after a few hours. I have to keep rubbing it off or else it will enhance my undereye circles. With this mascara, there was barely any smudges! I wore it a few more times and it smudged like crazy!! Also, it lasted all day (and night) long until I removed it. It was quite easy to remove using my Maybelline eye makeup remover too.

Size : 13.1 ml
Price : RM 66
Made in Ireland

Pros : Barely smudges, lengthens very very much, doesn't clump
Cons : Pricey, doesn't do much for volume, smudges

My conclusion : May repurchase if there's a sale and if I finish all my mascaras. But I don't mind spending that price for 'false lashes' which don't irritate my eyes (falsies do).


  1. It made your lashes look nice and long! I might try this out next :) x

  2. lol where is our pic? ohhor *perasan* dun like mentioning me liao la?


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