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FOTD : Luxe

I've decided to make full use (or at least use them..) of all the stuff I bought so I'm dolling up just to go out for lunch with my Bf lol I just realised that I don't have lipstick on in the photo >_<

A before face isn't needed in FOTDs but I wanted to show the effect of concealer and winged eyeliner <-- my new love

Products used
Elf All Over Cover Stick
Silkygirl 2 way foundation cake applied with wet sponge
Elf Studio Blusher (Candid Coral)
Elf Healthy Bronzing Powder (Luminance)
Elf Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
NYX Eyeshadow Base (Skin tone)
Elf Brightening Eye Colour (Luxe)
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner (Brown)
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu Lipbalm
Rimmel Nude Delight Lipstick

I don't know why my foundation looks darker now.. It's usually too fair for me. Does applying powder foundation with a wet sponge make it darker? o.0

I've been using whole palettes lately, trying to utilize all the 4 colours. The eye primer alone wasn't enough to bring out the colours in this palette. A base was needed.
1. Red in the middle, intensified towards lashes.
2. Brown outer 1/3 and crease (overlapping red).
3. Pale yellow inner 1/3, around tear duct and under brows. This colour is quite pigmented so I use it on top of colours to blend it out.
4. Darkest brown on the V and on both upper & lower lashline.

Brown wasn't very noticeable. Should try using the dark brown next time.

Here's a shot in natural light. I can't decide if my foundation is too dark or fair for me now.. >_<

Went to California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC for his lunch (I had Wendy's at Jaya One lol)

Why am I always hunching & looking funny in non camwhore shots? >_<

Kung Pao Spaghetti with extra chicken - around RM 50
California Pizza Kitchen will be moving to Fahrenheit88 on 18th Nov

Sylphie was sulking and didn't want to come out from under the chair >_<

This is me, 7+ hours later. Everything is pretty much still on my face (I did blot), including my eyeshadow (although faded) and best of all.. minimal mascara smudges! Review on the mascara coming up tomorrow.

Then I got home and opened the parcel I got (which I blogged about last Friday). At this point, my makeup has been on for almost 10 hours and the eyeshadow is still visible. I'm loving this eyeshadow base ^_^

*gasp!* What a lovely lipstick..


  1. omg ur spaghetti costs rm 50?!!! omg!! i rather go VIVO and order carbonara spaghetti at rm 16++ omg!!!! ><

  2. lovely look! your skin looks glowing and flawless :)

  3. @ Nicole
    The place itself isn't cheap (KLCC wor) and there's a lot of chicken and seafood inside!

    @ Ee Von
    Thanks! ^^


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