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Panadol Allergy

Ok this is a non beauty related post. As a young child, I got sick a lot and each time I had fever, my mum would give me Panadol. I also had an asthmatic background so I got asthma each time I had a fever as well. I've always found it hard to swallow the Panadol, as though my throat would close up whenever it sensed me swallowing it. Just recently, I discovered that there was such a thing as Panadol allergy and I was one of the unlucky ones who had it (well, actually I'm allergic to Paracetamol) =_= So all those years of fever related asthma attacks were really just allergic reactions!! >_<~

So now we get really worried when I get a fever cos I can't take Panadol or anything like that, such as Ponstan or aspirin. Even the slightest amount will cause my airways to swell up and I'll have difficulty breathing. Few days ago, I got a high fever (102.7 F) and decided to go to the doctor since it had continued to rise since morning. The doctor recommended Celebrex to me which is an anti inflammatory. She said it will sooth my aching body and also my super bad sore throat (I lost my voice). She recommended it to me because of my allergy. And voila! My fever dropped down almost immediately and I couldn't be happier. Gonna stock up on it soon xD

And there's another good news. My exams are finally over!! My last paper was on Tuesday. I felt my fever coming halfway through and I wanted to leave halfway cos it was so freaking cold even though I was wearing my thickest jacket but I couldn't so I sat there for 45 minutes staring at air. But anyway, free time means more time to play with my makeup and blog ^_^

So the purpose of me writing this? Just wanna tell everyone who reads this : Don't force yourself or your child to take any type of medicine, assuming he is making up all those 'discomforts' as he may be allergic! My mum thought I was just being fussy and forced me to take Panadol for years until I finally told her that I think I may be allergic to it and after some researching, we found out it was true. My 'asthma attacks' never came back again =_=

** Celebrex is an anti-inflammatory drug and it is not a pain killer like Panadol. This was explained to me by the doctor so if you are uncertain if you should take it, please consult your doctor to be sure.


  1. interesting post! i am a panadol addict.. not really addict but.. i frequently have headache n migraines so I have to take panadol. Now i learn got celebrex? maybe i can change panadol to celebrex.. coz pandol too much no good lah.

  2. take care!! =)

  3. be careful with panadol,
    its known to be steroidal
    i took the actifast kind and my face flared up in a rash :(
    the doctor didnt believe it was panadol, he said it was just acne, but ive never had a breakout that bad and so sudden. and they were not the bumpy that hurts kind, they were flat, angry red burning spots.
    i took some anti histamine and the inflammation went down 50% the following night


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