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Asience Nature Smooth

I have been using these for over a month so it's time to review them. I still have problem pronouncing the name though. Is it meant to sound like 'Asian'?

Before I start, I shall describe my hair a little. I have little hair, it used to be frizzy and unmanageable so I rebonded it twice. It's still kinda dry now but looks much better than before. I think I also have an oily scalp because my hair's kinda flat and lacks volume. I have to wash every other day or else it looks oily.

I've been using many different types of shampoo (Rejoice absolutely ruined my hair & Bonacure gave me pimples on my scalp!), the most recent one being the Loreal 5 Signs of Damage one. I didn't buy these but I won them in a magazine contest. I love trying out new hair stuff ^_^ Especially if they come in cute bottles like Liese lol

First, the shampoo.

The 'dents'

I think the packaging is quite bad. As you can see in the photo below, some of the shampoo dripped down onto the bottle while I was pouring it and because the top of the bottle is not level, I could not wipe the shampoo off easily.

It's quite liquidy and has that pearly look.

I don't really like the shampoo cos you need quite a lot to wash your hair. It doesn't lather very well and having long hair, it's very hard to spread the foam (there is barely any) about. I end up using more (bigger than a 50 cent coin). Also, because it's meant for oily scalp, I feel that it's a little too drying for my hair. It's fine for my scalp but I use diluted shampoo for the rest of my hair. My sis said she felt that squeaky clean feeling on her hair and after that it looked so dry. Even though it's making my hair a lil dry, my scalp is definitely less oily now. Even if I don't wash my hair every other day, it doesn't look as oily as before. Perhaps I need a separate shampoo for scalp and hair lol

Next, the treatment. I'm used to hair treatments in a jar where you have to dig your fingers in and the treatment gets stuck under your nails so this is so much better because it's in a tube.

The nozzle is the same as the shampoo except it has a round bottom, not squarish.

It's rather thick, which is good. It doesn't feel that oily and heavy on my hair. It's not as silky as the Sunsilk Hair Treatment or the Loreal ones but it does an okay job. I think I'll rather stick to Loreal though.

Lastly, conditioner. The bottle looks similar to the shampoo (if it weren't for the big green sticker, I would probably be using the wrong bottle in the shower). Update : I just discovered that the shampoo bottle has these 'dents' on the side to differentiate it from the conditioner >_<

However, the contents looks similar to the treatment lol Except this is silkier and feels heavier. My hair feels soft after washing off the conditioner. I think this bottle isn't good for the conditioner as it's so thick and sometimes I have a hard time getting the conditioner out. Luckily, the bottle is very soft and I can easily squeeze it. I'm leaving it upside down now though.

Overall : I don't think this is all that great for long hair. I wouldn't mind using it for a while but the Loreal range was definitely better. After using, my hair is soft but can get a little messy. My hair ends are feeling a little harsher after using it. Also, my scalp seems to itch and there's a lot of white residue on my scalp. I noticed even after the first wash that my scalp doesn't get oily that quickly. Perhaps it would be better for girls with oily short hair that isn't too dry.

Size : 220 ml for shampoo & condition, 180 g for treatment
Made in Japan

Pros : Good for oily scalp
Cons : Not moisturizing enough for my hair, causes itchy scalp, leaves white residue on scalp
My conclusion : Will not repurchase unless I cut my hair short and my scalp gets really oily. I prefer something that makes my hair feel softer and not so dry.


  1. Hi!
    Your review is great- just read this one but I will be reading more of your blog :).
    I have only had a brief experience with the Asience Inner Rich Conditioner- and fell in love!! I had terrible split ends from 2 bad perms I'd had 2 years before (that bad..) and my hair is medium thick, yet fine, and frizzy. (and flat as well) But this made my hair so smooth (as smooth as it's ever been anyways) and I barely noticed my split ends afterwards! Maybe that one would work better for you too!

    But you do need to use quite a handful to get a good amount in your hair- and mine is just below my shoulders.


  2. Well actually, I tried another brand under the same company and I think my scalp just doesn't really like something they use =(

  3. My friend recommended Asience Inner Rich and I bought it two years ago. I thought it was good until my hair splits more than before and my scalp is always itchy. No wonder I seldom this product on sale. Now I got to find a way to dispose it. Too bad.

    1. IKR! My scalp doesn't like it too.. If you do have itchy scalp problem, you can try this Human Nature shampoo. My scalp feels amazing with it but it's not as cheap as drugstore brands =/


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