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Cyleina Pineapple & Carrots Soap

Just finished another Cyleina soap sample. I got a big bunch of samples and they're actually quite a generous size. The chunk below lasted more than a week.

I like this 'flavour' because it lathers very well and makes a good body soap. Because of this, I also use it as my 'shaving cream'.

The smell is okay.. Not bad, actually. It doesn't dry out my skin or cause any irritations either.

Product says :
  • Pineapples are known to be a very good source of vitamin C, which protects our bodies from free radicals that attack our healthy cells. Pineapple contains enzymes that make skin elastic, improve skin hydration, and remove damaged and dead cells. Thus, it helps us achieve a clear and glowing complexion. The enzymes in pineapples also fight free-radical damage and can reduce age spots and fine lines.
  • Carrot juice is a healthy tonic for the skin, Beta-carotene that forms into Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant, and thus it prevents cell degeneration. Anti-oxidants also slow down the ageing process. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and revitalizes and tones the skin.Carrot juice applied daily is great for uneven skin tones due to blemishes and pigmentation.
Cyleina Organic has captured the benefits of these two powerful anti oxidants in one soap! Use daily for a younger looking skin.
Ingredients : Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil, Sunflower oil, Organic Pineapple extracts, Organic Carrot extracts
Size : 120 g
Price : RM 20 (prices are lower during promotions)
Bought from : BubbleszShoppe
Made in Philippines

Pros : Lathers well, cheap
Cons : None
My conclusion : I wouldn't mind buying the full bar except I have a huge bag of soaps to finish >_<

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