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Lancome Primordiale Optimum Yeux Eye Treatment

Taking care of your undereyes is very very important.. I regret being so rough with my undereyes and not taking extra care much earlier!!! Now, I have fine lines that won't go away =( So only recently, I started using eye creams. I have finished this jar already so I guess it's time to review it. My sis got this in a sale so it was much cheaper.

The jar is actually quite pretty lol You can see rainbow colours on the cover.

Comes with a secondary cover so it's cleaner.

Results? Fine lines are still there. I stopped using it for a week and my friend commented that my undereyes are very dry and I noticed my fine lines appeared deeper & longer as well! >_< I immediately started using it again lol It does hydrate my undereyes (no millia seeds) and when skin is hydrated, wrinkles are less obvious. However, I don't think it can actually get rid of wrinkles.

I like this eye cream because it doesn't sting my eye. I can just simply pat this all around my eye and not worry about it getting into my eye and irritating it. Also, I find that there's a certain nice cooling feeling when I apply it. However, it takes a while to absorb completely so it may be sticky for a bit.

Size : 15 ml
Made in France
Pros : Moisturizes moderately, doesn't cause millia, doesn't sting eye
Cons : Takes a while to fully absorb, no improvement
My conclusion : Will not repurchase. It was probably very pricey anyway.. I want to explore other eye creams to find one that is more moisturizing but gentle on the eye as well.


  1. Thanks for this post. Now I'm much more convinced that I should start using eye creams as early as now because whenever I put eyeshadows on, I really can't avoid stretching out my skin. and I have read, that stretching out the skin in our eyes will only make it prone to wrinkles. :)

  2. Most of the eyecreams that I have used don't do anything to my under eye area =.=

    Am going to cross this off my want list, thanks for the review!!

  3. Yeah.. It's pretty disappointing sometimes as they have really big claims for the products.

  4. Yeah, I think eye cream usually is just big hoo haa. But it feels nice when my under eyes feels so moisturize. The only under eye cream I had tried is Clinique all about eyes, I got samples when I bought my 3-step skin care system. The cream is moisturizing but not sticky at all, it absorbed into skin quite fast. Because I used sample only, I'm not sure the long term benefit of this cream.

  5. I wanted to try that because of all the hype but I also heard a lot of people getting a stinging feeling in the eye after using it. Since I am not really careful with applying my eye cream, I gave it a pass..


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