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Puffy 3 Tone Lens (Pink)

I usually wear the GEO Angel Brown lens as it's comfy and makes my eyes look bigger (it's a circle lens). However, I decided to get 'creative' and try out pink lenses even though I knew it probably wouldn't look good on me. I thought if it looks too horrible, I'll just go back to my Angel Brown -_-

So I stumbled upon this 'shop' on Facebook and I happened to know one of the owners (Sweet Li) so I decided to order from her. I was torn between the Puffy 3 Tone lens in Pink and the Crystal.i Violet lens. Sweet Li informed me that my lenses arrived 4 days later. That's really quick, you know? I used to wait nearly a month for my GEO lenses!

It opens the same way as the GEO bottles. I usually take a fork, find for the arrow on the aluminium seal, poke the fork in and open it like a beer bottle. Then I'll also use the fork to remove the remainder of the seal as it can be quite sharp.

It comes in a cute glass bottle just like the GEO ones. It says here that it's by The Dolly Eye. The power is printed on the top.

This is a view of the lenses from below. Pink!

Comparing the lenses, I realised that the Puffy lenses were bigger than the GEO ones. I had to open my eyes extra big or else it will touch my lashes lol

First thought : OMG THESE ARE HUGE! Then my sis said they don't look natural cos it's so big T_T It's quite comfy though. Unlike the GEO lenses that stung if I didn't soak them overnight, these can be worn straight out of the bottle. I think I just need to get used to the size and colour. Oh yeah, they last a year but I usually dump them before 6 months as I feel a little grossed out thinking about the amount of bacteria growing on it.

The night photos didn't turn out that good so retook them the next morning. They're still a little dark but some photos show the real colour. And please IGNORE my messy room! >.<

It looks so pixellated upclose

I had better luck with the full faced shots. No one to camwhore with so I drew my own 'friend'. The colour is most obvious in the last photo.

I know I know.. I'm weird lol! The lenses aren't that bad lah. I like the colour. Just wish it was a tad bit smaller.

Diameter : 14.5 mm
Base Curve : 8.6 mm
Price : RM 32
Bought from : Your Lil Secret Lens
Made in Korea
Pros : Pink!, colour is pigmented enough to show on my dark eyes, cheap, not very drying, comfortable
Cons : Very big (this could be a pro too)
My conclusion : It's a little big for my preference. Might try the other types next time. Will definitely buy from her again as the waiting period is so short! Almost like ready stock. Sumore I picked up from her house so didn't have to wait or pay for postage.


  1. lol...didn't know I spammed Rimmel's FB page that lot and makes you saw me ! haha...
    We should be frens at FB too ! come come ~ add me pls ^^

    I think this lens suits you very well and pink color looks quite natural too ! at least it doesn't like some very sharp green or blue color which makes ppl looks very weird ~ haha...

  2. Wow they are huge!!!
    but i love the pattern :) too bad it's so big tho =[

  3. Yeah.. I think 'asian lenses' are all about getting bigger and BIGGER nowadays >.<

  4. Ah i wrote a comment on tis post, but it didnt turn up. Anyway I think pink lense is great compliment to Asian black eyes, and it is not as dull as brown or honey color. I love ur post, will do a review on the color lense i bought too nxt time. :)

    And yes, Geo lens does sting my eyes, when i first wore it, it stung, lucky i didnt throw it straight away, but rendam the lense overnite, now i can wear them again. :)

  5. Oh, so I'm not the only one! Yee.. Makes me wonder what's in the solution that it came in lol

    Yeah, I noticed that my eyes look 'brighter' and more wide-eyed, if that makes sense. Looking forward to your review ^^


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