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Cyleina Papaya Goat's Milk Soap

I opened my first parcel from AliceQ just to check on my 'stocks' and I realised I still have not tried out the Cyleina Papaya Goat's Milk Soap and also the B&B Organics Tomato soap. So I cut half of it to be used on my body.

First, let me tell you a story about my parent's encounter with goat's milk cheese (I think I've heard the story about a million and one times). They were walking in the supermarket when this 'sampling lady' (you know the ones that offer you free food and drinks?) approached them and asked them to try out a tiny piece of cheese so they took it. According to my parents, the cheese was so smelly that they wanted to puke. I quote "Each time I think of it, I can taste it in my mouth!" >_<

I hope I haven't been going around smelling like a big lump of smelly cheese! To tell the truth, this is one of the Cyleina soaps that don't smell good to me. It doesn't stink, but it doesn't have a nice scent like the Black Pearl or Rice Bran.

Just like the other organic soaps, my skin feels soft after using it. I have no idea how do they do it. This soap lathers quite easily so it's perfect for the body. I don't have to rub the soap for 3 minutes just to wash one arm.

As for the whitening effect, I don't see any changes but I don't expect to anyway. I've only be using it for 1-2 weeks. However, it doesn't dry out my skin (this is important as I have dry skin). Actually, I think ever since I started using these organic soaps, my dry skin has improved. Maybe it's because I stopped using all those liquid body wash which can be drying.

Product says : A unique combination of papaya with Vitamin C for the fast whitening and exfoliating of dead skin cells. The goats' milk acts as a good moisturizer that softens rough skin. This soap is the best prevention of skin blemishes and premature wrinkles!
Ingredients : Saponified Organic Vegetable oil, Jojoba Oil, sweet almond oil, organic papaya extracts, goat's milk
Size : 120 g
Price : RM 20 (cheaper during promotions)
Bought from : AliceQ (BubblezShoppe)
Made in Philippines
Pros : Not drying, lathers well
Cons : Doesn't smell good
My conclusion : Not one I really like. I would rather buy the other soaps Alice has for sale but I guess it's considered 'safe whitening' (compared to hydroquinone or kojic acid) but I can't really be bothered. If it's really proven to be bad for health, then it would've been banned already.

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