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Haul from 1 Utama

Went to the mall with my sister today. We were supposed to check out this tattoo shop (not for me) but the guy was not there so we ended up going to Watson's. Then we went back to the tattoo shop but the guy was doing someone's tattoo and he said it'll take a while so we decided to go to Sasa as my sister wanted to get her Cyber Colours Puff Puff Blusher. Unfortunately, they no longer produce the blusher with the puff so we went to Elianto in Jusco which I knew had a puff puff blusher but the colour wasn't really what she wanted. Then we spotted a shoe sale. And that led to some clothes that were on sale lol Then when we were on the way to the parking, we passed by Guardian's and I remembered there was a sale on hair products so... lol

Loreal Total Repair 5 Shampoo x 2 (big size) RM 18+ each
Loreal Total Repair 5 Treatment Mask (sorry can't remember the price)
Watson's Olive Body Scrub - RM 15.90

Garnier Light Oil Control - RM 9.90
Watson's Brightening Facial Mask - RM 5.90
Watson's Energising Eye mask (6 pcs) - RM 15.90

Lace tube top from Jusco - RM 10

Tube tops from Jusco - RM 10 each

The Loreal hair stuff were on sale. I'm currently using the shampoo & conditioner. IMO, they work better than the other ranges. The Watson's body scrub, I bought because I wanted to try out a cream scrub but didn't want to spend much =/

I read that the Garnier Light Oil Control was quite good in controlling the oilies. I just hope I bought the right one? Lol The Watson's Energising Eye Mask was featured in a magazine for being the best eye mask below RM 50 and the other mask just happened to be somewhere beside it so I decided to grab it. To tell the truth, masks aren't something I'm quite willing to spend on. Spending above RM 3 on a mask is already quite pricey for me as I don't think they really do that much. I'll rather spend the money on a tub of skincare product and lather it all over into a thick mask hahah

As for the colourful tube tops from Jusco, my sis wanted to wear them as skirts. I think they require a little altering but it's better than my DIY skirt (which I will post about soon lol). Initially, I also grabbed a bright yellow legging but I tried it on before purchasing and it looks like shit on me! I put it back without any second thoughts =_=

And I just realised that the Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in Olive Green I took at Watson's is missing from the bag. Apparently, the Cashier didn't key it in, assuming she didn't see it =( Noooo... It was such a pretty dark green T_T Sigh.. *goes into depressed mode* Should have checked first before leaving.

While I was swatching some lipsticks at Watson's, this promoter girl came over and asked what kinda shade I'm looking for and I just told her I'm simply looking around (hinting I wanna be left alone). She was still standing there and it felt awkward so I moved to the next brand, knowing she will not follow me as she was only in charge of one brand. And you know what? The other brand's promoter approached me and asked if I needed help x.x And and and I finally swatched the Rimmel lipstick in Nude Delight. The colour is so pretty!!! But that shade was sold out =(!!! I was tempted to ask if I could just buy the tester but it would be so dirty and full of germs >_< Argh! I wannnntttt!!! *sinks further into depression*


  1. You haven't bought nude delight yet?? HAHA..ME TOO! I've been waiting for quite some time to buy a new lipstick too and just when I had finally gathered enough money for it, I went ahead and bought the rimmel one (same range as the nude delight) in vintage pink..I HAVE NO IDEA WHY..XXD maybe the idea that I've finally going to be able to have it makes my brain temporarily damage or something. Anyway, nice purchases! like you, I don't like spending too much on sheet masks. It would be more worthwhile in purchasing mask in tube form imo..=)

  2. I'm quite curious about the new L'Oréal hair care line, as it's not yet available in Quebec )=

  3. @ aisyah
    Noooooooooooooo Hard to find Rimmel leh.. The ones near my house don't have! >.< Yeah! But usually when I see the ones in tube, they don't look like they will have any effect on the face. The sheet type look more promising (psychological effect? lol)

    @ Gaby
    If you have terribly fluffy hair like mine, you should check it out when it's available there =) Each time I hear them saying "5 signs of.." I almost expect it to be 5 signs of aging lol not hair damage


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