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Venus & Mars Royal Pearl Soap

Picture from AliceQ's page which I think is from her supplier, showing the whole soap (mine is only a quarter).

First sniff, this soap smells a little odd compared to it's fragrant partner, the strawberry Cleo Rub. But after removing the cling wrap, the true smell came out and wow.. It actually smells kinda nice! It reminds me of a certain chinese honeydew and milk dessert they served at an old chinese restaurant. When my grandpa was still alive, we went there every year for our reunion dinner. It was my favourite dessert. Cold and sweet with tiny sago inside. And this soap smelt just like it.. Unfortunately, the restaurant soon closed down and my grandpa is no longer around. Somehow this soap reminds me of how things used to be like.

Now to the important part, the function of the soap. It apparently has many uses. Unlike the normal soap bars you use on your body, this can be used on your face as well. It doesn't make my skin feel too dry and tight, which I would experience if I used a body soap bar. It's white with small brown specks in it which can be used to exfoliate. The beads are not evenly spread though. They're mostly concentrated on the top and bottom of the soap so when you finish both ends, there might not be any beads left. It doesn't bother me though, as I lather it on my palm first before applying on my body. So the beads don't really come in contact with my skin anyway.

Suprisingly, it lathers quite well. From Alice's page, it was stated that it's a new sudsier version. I find this to be really good cos when I was using the Cyleina soaps, they hardly created any foams or bubbles or suds so it was pretty hard to use on the body. Quite frustrating, frankly. However, I do think easy lathering translates to it finishing faster so I will have to skimp on usage to make it last. Btw, as I have pointed out in the photo, there's only one exfoliating bead in the lather..

I'm actually beginning to like this soap. After using it, my face has this natural glowing radiance. I can even skip my foundation without looking dull. And I love the smell! So refreshing and light. Also, it makes my skin feel very smooth. Although I thought it was a mild cleanser, it has no problem removing the oil from my make up remover. Usually I'll just lather it on my palm, massage face with palm for abit then wash off. My face will be immediately brighter and smooth.

This soap aims to achieve the following :
  • Anti-aging
  • Naturally fairer complexion through its skin brightening properties
  • Cell renewal
  • Enhance skin elasticity
  • Improve circulation
  • Calming and detoxification
  • Protection from environmental radicals
  • Regulates skin discoloration
  • Smoothes skin texture
If you read AliceQ's page HERE, there's an elaboration on the goodness you can get from all the ingredients.
Product says : Emu oil, genuine South Sea pearl powder and jojoba beads combined? You’re sure to experience only the GREATEST. Notice an ultimately rewarding after feel on the skin.

Genuine Crushed Pearls with Jojoba Beads
Now fortified with Dead Sea Salt
Luxury Bar
The new formulation makes Royal Pearl sudsier and extra skin-firming. Notice a more glowing and vibrant complexion!
Ingredients : Emu oil, crushed pearls, jojoba beads, olive oil and coconut oil
Price : RM 40 per bar
Seller : AliceQ
Made in Phillipines

Pros : Fragrant, lathers well, suitable for body and face, makes skin glow, not drying
Cons : Expensive for body use, can only purchase online, exfoliating beads unevenly distributed

Overall : I might purchase this when it's gone but only for my face. As a body soap, it's way too expensive for my budget but as a face soap, it's okay. It's cheaper than Eumora and Mior soaps anyway. I estimate 1/4 bar can be used for bout 15 showers so a bar will be 60 showers / 2 months.

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