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Freeman Clay Mask with Avocado And Oatmeal

When I think of clay masks, I think of a piece of dry clay absorbing all the oils like a thirsty person who hasn't had any water for a week. Nice thought.. This is my first clay mask. Spotted it while I was browsing the aisles in Guardian's (yeah I know, most of my stuff are from there). Had been looking for a clay mask for my oily skin. Never knew Guardian's had them.

The price was a steal for the huge bottle so of course I grabbed it. It comes in a squeeze bottle with a flip cap.

The mask is thick but very easy to spread on my face (as long as you do it quick, before it dries). It has a sweet smell that some may consider to be too strong. Because it's green, I would only recommend using this when you are alone =/ Or at least when you know no one is going to see you. Twice already, my dad asked what's that on my face =.=

The first time I used it, I only applied a very thin layer with my finger and it dried in a couple of minutes. I didn't leave it on after that and immediately washed it off. Bad idea. There was no effect at all so the second time, I used more and left it on for about 20 to 30 minutes. It took a much longer time to dry but it worked better this way. 

Freshly applied

I know some people complain that this masks stings and it does sometimes but most of the time it doesn't if you avoid the eye and lip areas. As it dries, it becomes kinda powdery and smooth to the touch. Your face will also have a tight feeling as the mask has hardened. That's when it's ready to be washed off. After using, my pores are smaller and skin is soft. It doesn't really help with my oily skin though. Maybe I should use it more diligently. 

After an hour (I left it on longer as I was in the middle of something):

When it's dry, it may be hard to wash off. So sometimes when it's really stubborn, I'll take a wet toothbrush and gently scrub the remainder in circles to soften it. Of course, I do not do this if I've scrubbed before the mask as I feel that it's really damaging for my skin T_T

After washing off, my skin is somehow much brighter than before. Despite it's green colour, it does NOT stain my face green (imagine if it did..). I discovered that there was greenish residue on my face as my cotton pad with toner was green! Oilies still resurface after an hour or two.

As you can see in the photo below, my face is fairer than my arm

Random pic. I like this long tank top from Tanks for 5! It's so soft and comfy. Also, if you're wandering what's that pink rectangle on my hair, it's sort of like an oversized velcro to hold your hair up. Works really well, actually. You can get it from the pasar malam or online for less than RM5 a pair.

Some days (like today) I also mix the mask with the Garnier Pure Pore Tightening Astringent. It has too much alcohol in it and I do no want to use it as a regular daily toner in fear of the alcohol drying out my skin, causing it to become even oilier. I actually saw this tip from someone's video some time back and it seems to make the mask function better. I also thought of adding tea tree oil into the mask but clay masks absorb oil and the thought of adding oil into it just sounds really weird. Will the mask absorb all of the tea tree oil?

I usually mix them in a bowl (which is actually a Sunsilk hair treatment container >.<) and apply using a brush (Elf Foundation Brush which was just RM 6.50). I DO NOT normally mix it on my hand and apply using a flat spatula. It's just that I'm unable to find my mask 'bowl'.

Oh yeah, this clay mask was also made using natural ingredients and the bottle is recyclable ^^ Plus, it was not tested on animals.

Tips when using this mask :
1. Pin / hold up your hair properly (I had hair falling into my mask)
2. Do not use in the shower or it will not dry properly
3. Moisturize after you wash it off, especially on dry areas
4. Do not apply near mouth area as it may sting
Label say :
Ingredients :
Size : 6 fl. oz.
Price : RM 18.90
Bought from : Guardian's
Made in USA

Pros : Bottle recyclable, no animal testing, cheap, leaves skin soft, smooth and brighter
Cons : No obvious oil controlling effect, stings at sensitive areas, hard to dry sometimes, could do without the fragrance

My conclusion : Will not buy again. After I finish this, I think I'll rather buy the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask or Himalayas Face Neem Pack.


  1. waaah..I want to try it too^^ I'll check guardian stores later <3 thanks for sharing~

  2. Great mask

  3. I've tried this and it stings. Thats why I end up here from google... :(

  4. Yup.. The stinging does happen sometimes. Have stopped using it. Into moisturizing masks now ^_^


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