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Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Gel Cream

Pure Beauty.. I first heard of this brand from Jean's blog but I thought it wasn't available locally until.. I saw a whole rack full of it in Watson's! There was a toner, essence, eye cream and many other stuff but I chose this because I don't have a day cream. As Jean had mentioned, this looks like the DKNY perfume lol Watson's only had the red Antioxidant range. Not sure if there are others though.

The moment I opened the box, I was like o.0 So shiny~~~

It says to use in the morning after cleansing face.

Has a white plastic thing inside to protect your cream so no leakage occurs.


It's a white creamy substance that may look like hair treatment or conditioner. The smell is quite nice. I don't quite know to describe it. Maybe it's the smell of pomegranate? I don't know how pomegranate smells like =/ Although it looks creamy and perhaps too heavy, the moment I touched it, I knew I was wrong. It was quite slippery, like the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cream but without the stickiness. It's a hybrid between gel and cream, my favourite type, just because it feels so unique lol

So as instructed, I apply this on my face every morning after washing my face and using a toner. It does require some rubbing/massaging to absorb. I have to be careful with the amount I use. If I use too much, my face will still feel a little greasy like there's a layer sitting on top of my skin even after an hour. However, my face feels so soft and it seems brighter. It leaves a very faint scent that soon disappears. If the right amount is used, it dries into a dry, smooth finish.

As for the antioxidant properties, I sincerely do not know if it's working nor do I think I'll know if it is. I'll just use it for the sake of using it. Besides, it looks so pretty! Might try out their toner next. The red packaging just looks so alluring.

About the packaging, the round top makes it impossible to stack anything on top of it. And because it's so much bigger than all my other jars, I also can't stack this on top of other stuff or else it'll become imbalanced and may topple over. So, I had to squeeze all my other stuff together and make space for this. I hope it's worth the space on my dresser!

Btw, I can foresee that when this is running low, it's going to be harder to take the gel cream out. There will probably be some stuck under the side or at the bottom and I have to korek-korek to get it out. Like eating a coconut.

Label say :
Ingredients :
Size : 60 ml
Price : RM 38+
Bought from : Watson's
Made in Korea

Pros : Not sticky, smells nice, skin is smooth after applying, reasonably priced, small amount needed
Cons : No way of knowing if it works, hard to get the product out when it's finishing, greasy if too much is applied

My conclusion : Wouldn't mind purchasing again. Quite interested in the other items in this range as well.


  1. I tried the eyecream...I didn't like it:(

  2. Meh.. I wonder why I've read so many raves about this =(


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