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Hidden Treasure

So on Monday I was just looking through my cupboard and I found this curious white plastic bag. 

I constantly move it in and out to take things out of the box below it (containing my new & unopened makeup stuff) but I never thought of looking into it to see what it was. Until...

It was a bag of forgotten facial masks! I bought these some time back online.

The small ones : Korean Skin Care Nurese Chrysanthemum Eye Mask, FAKE Shisheido mask, Pilaten Crystal Collagen Eye Mask & Skinlite Nose Pore Cleansing Strip

Actually the Shisheido black peel off mask were so hot until there were 'imitations' and a lot of people came out with guides on how to differentiate them. Until one day, someone e-mailed Shisheido asking if it's real and they replied that this range has been stopped for 8 years!! So the 'imitations' were actually imitations of an imitation =.=

Lulanjina Eight Cups of Water Mask & XO Red Wine Facial Masks

Big bunch of Joreins masks. After some 'investigation', I think the Joreins masks are fake lah! Apparently, the real ones have Chinese words while the fake ones have Korean words (like mine). But I read testimonials saying that Joreins masks gave them red patches and itchiness and when I looked at the pic, it's the so called authentic one with Chinese words. However, I did not experience all of that when I used mine (Korean words).

And then.. I remembered I had another box in another cupboard with a couple of masks.

I have absolutely no idea what masks are these as they were a free gift along with some things I bought. In the same box, I also found..

My birthday present from my dear friends, a bracelet from Vincci. I love this!! <3 <3 <3! But until now, I have not worn it because it's too big for me and I haven't altered it (sorry!). It has 3 hearts on it, gold, silver and bronze. Each has sparkly 'diamonds' in it. I love bracelets with this kinda 'hook' because I always break my nails trying to open the regular clasps and it's so hard to wear with only one hand.

2 studded bracelets from Lush Serendipity which I don't wear anymore (they were the in thing then)

Box of Eumora soap. Will do a review on this one day.

I've already tried 3 of the masks as I'm trying to finish them before I forget about them again! I remember getting really bad breakouts from the Lulanjina mask when I tried out another type so I was kinda afraid to use this. But in the name of my blog (and it's not good to waste masks!) I gathered all my courage to try it again. Reviews coming up!


  1. Wow..You're a shopaholic ain't you? You don't even remembered you have this masks. :)
    Anyway, i think I saw the Shiseido mask?

  2. Well, I did buy them quite some time ago. I have a tendency to buy buy buy then just chuck it somewhere because too sayang to use =.=

  3. hi, may i know whether the Pilaten Crystal Eye Mask works for reducing dark circle and also eye bags ^^ thanks~

  4. It did reduce stress on my eyes which can lead to them looking better but definitely wasn't a 'cure'


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