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Lulanjina XO Red Wine Facial Masks

XO Facial Mask? Wah.. Hard to believe that there is even one drop of XO in this. But I caved in anyway and got it. As I recall, this is for dull complexion. Haven't heard of the brand? Neither have I.. But it was cheap >.< This was before facial masks were sold at pasar malams and I was a naive girl.. Who would sell fake masks that would harm your skin? But now, I'm not sure if the sellers themselves dare to use their own masks!

Lol Okay, don't laugh. I was actually smiling in this pic but you can't see it. There are 'flaps' for your eyes but I didn't wanna risk it because I had contact lenses on.

Surprisingly, this mask is quite a good size. Some masks I've tried in the past were too wide for me and nearly covered my ears! Like the usual masks, this has slits on the side to adjust. I think the only flaw in the shape was the part between my mouth and nose. The mouth hole was a lil too low and I was afraid the mask would sting my lips.

As you can see, it's covering part of my upper lip and it did sting a bit =( Sorry if I look like I'm pouting. The entire time, I was trying to move my lips lower to avoid the mask.

While I was wearing it, I felt a warm feeling all over my face. Like blood was gushing to my face (I guess it also feels like when you're drunk?). XO effect indeed lol

Some people are worried that leaving a facial mask on for long isn't good as your skin can't breath. Well, this mask is pretty airy. My eyebrow was poking out!

Oh yeah, the essence is YELLOW! I'm not used to seeing yellow essence so I wonder if this is normal or has it expired. It's not past the expiry date yet and it didn't smell weird.

After removing it and washing off the remaining essence on my face, there was a very nice cooling effect, like kinda minty minty. This is good, considering our very hot hot HOT weather right now. There was a light flush in my cheeks as well that made me look healthier.

Size : 50 g
Price : RM 2.50
Bought from : JamieTeoh from (no longer selling)
Made in China

Pros : Cheap, right size, relaxing
Cons : Stings lip
My conclusion : Good to use after a long day because of it's warming + cooling effect.

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