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New Pink Charles & Keith

I've had my eyes on Charles & Keith ever since le Bf told me he saw his friend carrying a nice one. Besides, my RM 30 bag from AliceWonders which had served me a good 7 months was hole-y.

Then on Valentine's he surprised me with this. Yay! But I didn't buy him anything #badGF

#bimbo pink bag & wallet set xD Love the striking colour!

Wallet was about RM 100+

Numerous card slots (although a bit tight for my liking) with a zipped compartment in the middle. I did not have trouble closing it even after putting coins in.

It also comes with this mini pouch which slots in at the back but I have not found a use for it.. =/

Fingerprint magnet!

Bag was RM 270 and is available in 2 other colours - white and cream (I think).

It's not very big but I love the design which separates my stuff. I can fit in my camera as well although it can be snug.

Love the strap because of it's belt-like look. The clip is also easy to use and fingernail-friendly.

3 ways to use this bag : sling, handbag or rich taitai

Can't love it more @_@ It's my everyday bag now.

I got this at Sunway Pyramid and the pink is already sold out so if you want it, try other outlets. I spotted a pretty nice mint bag as well!


  1. I'm in love with them!!!!!!

  2. Aaaaah the bag so pink and pretteh!! <3

  3. Some Asian girls are hot, some are ugly, usually those using a lot of cosmetics look terrible without it, those who does not use cosmetics are doing to because they have a natural beauty.
    From my experience, East Asian women (Japanese, Korean and even more Chinese) use a lot of cosmetics, while South-East Asian women (Viet, Lao, Khmer, ...) use a lot less cometics an even not at all in some cases, not because they are poorer but because they tend to look better than Eastern Asians on natural.

  4. Natural?! lmao They have a load of makeup on in addition to all getting the same nose, eye, chin surgeries.

  5. Can you please tell me the code of the handbag.. I can't find it in the website :(

  6. can you please tell me the code of this handbag...

  7. Sorry I really do not know the code for this bag x.x Perhaps you can show the shop the photo?


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