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Maybelline Lip Polish in POP6

Got my paws on Maybelline's latest Lip Polish! This deceiving lil thing looks like a lipstick but is actually a lip gloss!

I'm not sure what you call the shape of this applicator but it's a sort of heart shape. Easy to apply with and doesn't accidentally deposit large blobs of colour somewhere.

A single layer of POP6 produces a sweet pink colour with minimal gloss, which was surprising considering how the tube looks.

The second layer will transform it into a darker strawberry red that's glossy. If you look closely, the formula contains tiny shimmers. The red is very wearable and is not too overpowering. After it has faded or if you blot it off, a pinkish hue remains.

2 looks in one product - Sweet & Sexy. Which do you prefer?

The Maybelline Lip Polish retails for RM 32.90 and there are 10 shades available. I like that it's not sticky like other glosses so it's really comfortable. Also doesn't dry out my lips.


** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Would love to try the purple ones but I am scared it would make me look weird XD

  2. Omg, after two layers it look sooo beautiful! I've been holding off on buying this for so many months because I'm going to have to spend a lot in the next year. I think I need at least two shades from the line! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Phewwit! Sexy look ngehehehe :D

  4. I can't take blue tones due to my skintone but you could give it a try! It does look awesome if you're enough of a fashionista xD

  5. Well... a lil gloss or two wouldn't hurt xD

  6. Haha yea, I hope to have the guts pretty soon! ;p

  7. You look really sexy ^^
    Not a fan of lip gloss but this one is really tempting!!


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