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Face to Face Noodle House, Taylor's Lakeside

Face to Face Noodle House is one of the hot spots for Taylor's students. During lunch time, it is always packed and you might have to wait 20 numbers before it is your turn. 

They have various types of pan mee here. Dry or soup.. Spicy or non-spicy.. You're given a choice between fat noodle or thin noodle too. The one in the photo is fat. The egg is supposed to be runny but recently, it's always overcooked =( Thankfully, the noodle isn't dry so you don't have to rely on the egg. This is the spicy version which comes with a reddish chilli oil. Quite spicy for a chilli-noob like me but I still finished it. You may order the non spicy version and just add your own condiments provided on a table. The chilli flakes here aren't very spicy but they add taste.

They practice self service here as you have to line up to order yourself then wait for your number to appear on the screen. When it's your turn, you redeem your food or drinks from the window. Food costs below RM 10 so it's pretty affordable for students. Portion is generous too.


  1. My favourite is still Jojo pan mee :p !

  2. looks yummy!! I just love these type of noodles, the kind of stuff I used to eat at the market as a kid, I'll never stop wanting it!

  3. You're not the first to tell me that!


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