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Meng Kee Steam Soup

I consider this place to have affordable and good food. It's no fancy restaurant but I love the soup here! Customers sit under the roof, outside or on the walkway of the shop lots across. It's not hot there and the workers are great.

This is my favourite order there! Corn soup! It's really sweet and doesn't contain MSG. I've also tried other soups and they're all awesome. Rich soup with generous amounts of meat/carrot/whatever that soup contains. They also have specialty soups which you have to order in advance. I'm talking about pig's brain soup wtf.. I think there was one with deer horn (antler?) I have not tried those though..

We usually have soup to accompany rice and some dishes. I have not been disappointed by their food so far. The meat is cooked til soft yet not overcooked until dry. Lots of sauce to add taste and it's accompanied by salted vegetables.

Do come early as some of the soups sell out fast!

Address : Stall 9, Jalan 20/16, Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya
Phone number : 012-239 0623 


  1. the corn soup looks really good :D

  2. I went on don't know Sat or Sun and they closed >.<


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