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Discomfort When Wearing Contact Lens?

If you've been wearing contact lenses for a long time, you've probably encountered eye discomfort at least once. It could be a burning sensation or feels like there is sand in your eye. You'll probably get a red eye too if you insist on wearing it.

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1) Basic rule - make sure your lenses are the right way up! Hold your lenses up and view it from the side. If it's correct, it should look like the left one and sits perfectly on your finger. The incorrect one tends to be unstable due to it's sharper base.


2) Always soak lenses in multipurpose solution overnight before wearing for the first time. No matter the brand, I always soak my new lenses or else they'll burn my eyes!

3) If you feel discomfort, remove immediately and rinse. If still there, rub with solution and re-soak.

4) Do not keep contact lenses for too long. I usually keep mine up to 3 months because that's when they feel different. They feel harder, dry faster or aren't as comfortable any more. This applies for yearly lenses as well.

5) If all of the above fail and they're a new pair, do provide feedback to the seller. Some companies like MagicColour have awesome service. After wearing numerous pairs from their brand without any problems, there was a pair that could not be worn at all despite my efforts. They immediately offered to send me a new pair. Thank you!

You can read more tips regarding contact lenses on the MagicColour website.

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