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Soya King - My Fav Tau Fu Fa

I stay in SS2, where there is this famous tau fu fa truck near the pasar. I tried it several times but seriously.. It's not nice. Why is it famous? I don't know =_="

Then I stumbled upon this other tau fu fa truck in Seapark, in front of Hong Leong Bank. It will have the name 'Soya King' on it.

Each box of tau fu fa is RM 1.70 but he also sells soya milk. You can choose between normal syrup or brown sugar.

Every spoonful is silky smooth goodness x_X I wouldn't say it has a very strong bean taste but I love how smooth it is.

I went to tapau one day and noticed the guy rushing off to somewhere so I asked him if he's closing so early (it was only 2pm) then he told me that he shifts to Uptown until at night. Mana tau I ended up giving that tau fu fa to a friend and we so happened to have dinner at Uptown so I went ahead to buy another one to settle my cravings. He was like.. "Wah! You love tau fu fa so much ah?!" =x

You can find the truck at

  • Seapark in front of Hong Leong Bank (opposite Giant, near Grandpa bak kut teh) in the day time
  • Uptown from evening until night on the same row as Village Park nasi lemak

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