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Remember me posting about the Mid Year Sale at Here's what I got from them! Dad informed me that I received a strangely shaped box xD

Looks like a big pizza box!

A bright red long purse/clutch with a 3D rose! Click HERE

Looks exactly as pictured (if not better).

The 3D rose on the front looks of really good quality. 

Love the gold zip on the red leather-like material. 

Lots of compartments for cards, notes and coins. I can even fit in my phone here if I use it as a clutch. 

Absolutely love the bright red colour!

2nd item is a sweet pink ribbon belt.

THIS definitely looks better IRL because it's such a sweet baby pink. Comes with a hook instead of a 'knob' which is more secure.

And I bought this bag as well! Because it was on crazy 50% sale~~~

Don't be deceived by it's small look on the website! AliceWonders conveniently provides measurements for shoppers.

Photo spam for #ootd ! Belt goes great with pastels ^_^

Cute free gift!! Rabbit ears hairtie *melts*

Do you think I made the right choice? Or is there another bag that you think I should have gotten instead???
You can check out the range on

Follow them on Instagram & Twitter as well by searching for @alicewonderscom ! =)


  1. The bow belt is so adorable! :D

  2. wah i love that bag! nice colour on you!! don't think I can pull off pastel colours though :/

  3. Ehh why do you say that? I think you still look cute xD


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