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The Big Spa Party @ Posh! Nail Spa

The wonderful peeps at The Butterfly Project organized a big Spa Party for the girly bloggers last month. Thanks to Tres Chic - The Party Planner~

The party was held at Posh! Nail Spa which meant.. We get to have our nails pampered!

And nail pampering we got~

Got my toes done with this lovely colour and I dare say it still looks perfect now =O

FOOD from Good Friends Cafe

Tuna on bite sized-cucumber is just yum and refreshing

But I had the most of THIS! I would say it's the best shit ever but it's not shit. I think I had like 3 pieces omg =x Crispy skin with spongey organic tofu inside dipped in fragrant sesame sauce *faint*

Cute lil burgers! I don't think I had this though.. Too busy with the tofu.

For once, macaroons that aren't too sweet! I love the raspberry flavour as well.

Braved myself to try the red velvet (I somehow find the red colour absolutely repulsive) and surprisingly it was nice!

Good food makes people happy =) I just contacted the shop to ask if they serve the fried organic tofu =x

Spotted Suanne from Timeless Truth Masks! She's so friendly and is never 'hard selling' because she feels the masks will convince buyers themselves =) True enough, the bloggers were stocking up during the party.

Best thing to have at a girly party - Fotobox! Complete with props, the girls had a fun time 'camwhoring'. Photos were sent straight to our e-mails too!


Yin Yin took a photo of us taking a photo lolz!

Our #ootd lulz My mum found this 'gangster bathrobe' with a dragon behind =/ Tania & Senri opted for cute kimono-inspireds.

DIY station to make your own bath salt! 

HUGE Havaianas! Unfortunately, not my size =( 

After being serenaded by Ayna, PinknProper appeared and started the fashion show, featuring their prom collection.

Phewiit! Hollywood scene right here in Posh! Nail Spa. 

How can ANYONE possibly have so much swag LOL It is very Chency.

Love this dress on Lisa! 

Super adorable Wiida made everyone aww.. 

A sexy piece on Sarah and gotta love that glittery gold dress Kahmon is donning. 

Upstairs is Aspen Spa who was offering free facials and massages but due to the number of girls and limited time, I did not get to try their services. 

Ding ding ding! It was prizes time! Ecstatic bloggers receiving their prizes from PinknProper.

There were also more prizes from Johnson's Body CareOnlyBeauty and Posh! Nail Spa. One blogger also won a Signorina edt from Salvatore Ferragamo ermahgad!

All of us left with a bag filled to the brim with goodies from The Body ShopJohnson's Body CareOnlyBeauty and the other sponsors! ^_^ Dog River Island bag is from PinknProper.

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  1. my picture in your blog! hehe.. weee~~~ best moment ever at the spa partaaay


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