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Belco Hair Studio @ Uptown, PJ

Nicole and I were walking in Uptown and we spontaneously decided to pop into Belco Hair Studio. It's nice to see new hair salons in Petaling Jaya to keep my options open. And I cut my hair short.

Nah not really xD

They were having an opening promotion where I got my Colour & Cut for RM 170, which is actually not THAT cheap for an opening promo. My hair colour usually costs RM 129 or RM 168 with haircut. And that was when my hair was much longer.

I believe this was taken at Niko Niko Onigiri though. Our fav onigiri place xD First photo of 2014, she said lolol

The place has limited space so if you're looking for posh interior, please close this page now. It is still quite new afterall..

The brand of hair dye they used is Shiseido which didn't leave my hair feeling dry. L'Oreal is alright as well but Schwarzkopf has a tendency to give me straw hair =/ Almost cried seeing my hair break apart at the slightest tug.

Old faded yellow begone!

Under sunlight, you can see a faint burgundy shade but indoors, it seems almost black.

It lasted for a few washes before becoming a pinkish brown for a brief 2 washes. Now it's a dark reddish brown which looks slightly pinkish under certain lighting and angles. The bluish tones disappeared quickly. It's also much darker than my previous hair colour so I guess I can delay my next retouch =x

My stylist, Coburn Soy, was very friendly and patient. He was the one who suggested this colour because I said I didn't want it to fade to be such a lala goldish yellow.

Actually I like this kinda brown hair colour but all the salons tell me that I can't get this colour. They always claim that a dark brown is the max that I can go. Is this true? =( 

Obviously NOT because Storm Hair Studio got pretty close when I went there last CNY. Except it was more orangey. Still loved it though.

Nicole also got a new haircut! She had straightened her hair previously so it's rather flat. To counter that problem, Coburn gave her a slanted hair style.

Will I be back? I'm not too sure.. The price is higher than Storm but I do prefer the staff at Belco. After going to the realms of darker hair colour, I think I still prefer lighter browns albeit the horrible golden yellow hair after.

I was initially lured into the pinkish brown colour available at Belco but was told it's not possible unless I bleached my hair first. I imagine it should look like a darker version of this :

Belco Hair Studio
No. 80, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS21/39,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya
(opposite McDs Uptown 5)

Tel: 017-302 5387
Facebook :


  1. love ur previous hair though..look more cute and young hehe..

  2. love your new haircut! i wish i can color my hair too, but i just cant. the color you got is my dream hair color as well :D

  3. LOL I thought you really chopped your hair and was thinking "WHAAAAAT!?" You tricked meeee
    The hair color although not what you originally wanted is still very pretty though :)

  4. I haven't tried that but I'm curious how it works. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Unfortunately didn't fool my friends =x

  6. Sadly it has faded away. Now it's just brown haha

  7. they did such a great job on you hair color!

    A Beautiful Zen

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