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Niko Niko Onigiri, Uptown

Found a piece of Japan in Uptown itself!


The interior is pretty nice with a Japanese theme. 

Miso soup was pretty good with lots of seaweed and tofu cubes. A warm bowl would be great on cold days.

Some kinda set.. They have affordable breakfast sets too. You can choose your combination of items. 

I ordered 2 onigiris - scallop fringe and mentaiko.

They are so cute and round! The plump riceball sandwiched between thick crispy seaweed pieces looks so appetizing compared to other onigiris I've tried. I didn't have too much trouble keeping the onigiri together while eating it here.

I even ordered a third after finishing them! xD

All 3 onigiris are packed full of flavour and they were very generous with the filling. I did find them to be a tad too salty though..

I would probably return for more! Out of the three, I would recommend the mentaiko onigiri but if you prefer something less salty, the scallop fringe is fine. Onigiri prices range from RM 2.80 - RM 4.80. 

In the end, Nicole bought 2 more onigiris to takeaway xD I was tempted too! But it was too late and I might lose my appetite for dinner.


  1. I saw the shop when I was in Uptown! After reading your review, I really wanna go try it, hehe~ :D

  2. I always eat this during lunch time at ss15 because its near (kinda) college xD so whole class got addicted and we actually are kinda low on cash because of this addiction and yes! the mentaiko is so darn salty >w<

  3. That's awesome! I've eaten onigiri(s) with less than adequate filling and that is just like eating plain rice wrapped in seaweed =.=

  4. I feel you! D= I had an 'Ebiko mayo' one and I couldn't see a single ebiko in it =_= It was just a smudge of orange colour

  5. LOL!! Yeah~~ I just had it again today (omg! what is wrong with me)

  6. Yes yes yes! But gotta find parking lor

  7. Looks yummy with reasonable price!

  8. My parents think it's just overpriced rice though XD


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