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All The Storm, Water & Tears Won't Defeat Me Now

Went to a pool party once.. I had eyeliner on, which turned out to be a bad, BAD choice because throughout the entire night,

I was wiping bits of my black eyeliner off my face

And it ended up smudging underneath my eyes. Then there was another time, I wore bright green and black eyeliner out and the black faded halfway, leaving a green line floating on my eyelid D= 

Needless to say, I never wore eyeliner to a pool party again or even when I'm going for a sad movie or if the clouds look like they're going to rain. Ridiculous, I know..

But now, my worries are washed away with Browlash Ex Water Strong Liner! I can wear my eyeliner with confidence now.

Formula gives it high resistance to perspiration, water and sebum. It brightens up your eyes and will not smudge for up to 24 hours. Felt tip, unlike normal pen/brush, is stiffer and is much easier for beginners. Despite being harder, it is still a breeze to draw curves and the sharp tip ensures you get a perfect wing every time.

The ink actually does not come out completely black so I can use it to line my lower lashline by using a light touch! Going over it again darkens it to create well defined lines that don't drown behind bright colours =)

I had a felt tip eyeliner from another brand but it was horrendous! Surprisingly, this one is completely different and it is so easy to use. It is stiff yet soft enough to bend slightly and not poke my skin. The forever-sharp tip is awesome too!

Tested its claim because I don't trust brands so easily. True enough, it wouldn't budge even if I rubbed it under water! =O 

Something unique about its cap too! There's a lil spring inside which you have to push in to close. If you don't, it will pop back out. Guess this ensures the cap is closed securely before you throw it into your bag! 

To sum it up about the Browlash EX Water Strong Liner:

Resistant to perspiration, water and sebum
Lasts up to 24 hours
Easy to use, even for beginners
Creates thin, thick or curvy lines
Sharp tip for perfect wing

You can get this eyeliner from selected Sasa stores at a price of RM 59.90 and it is made in Japan ;)

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  1. Been reading good review on this! Looks really not bad! ^^

  2. I love your blue eyeliner!! :D

  3. D: That SUCKSSS! I've done that before and I just had enough and rubbed it off and had panda eyes.. meh no one to impress anyways LOL But wow, this eyeliner is legit waterproof!

  4. LOL Nuh uh.. Not letting that happen when we are bound to take photos xD

  5. It's actually eyeshadow which I blended into the eyeliner ^_^

  6. Worth giving a shot since it's about the same price as other similar eyeliners anyway ^^

  7. I swim often so I will purchase this to see if it reli wont budge

  8. Do update me with your 'test'! xD

  9. So good? I will go Sasa this week to get 1

  10. what eyeshadow is it? makeupforever? maybelline tattoo? :O

  11. Nope, it's Sleek =) From the Original palette

  12. wow the colour payoff is so good!!!!! *must buy*


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