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Monsoon-id 1 Utama (Anniversary Sale)

Last Tuesday I dropped by Monsoon-id in 1 Utama for a hair pampering day. They happened to have an awesome anniversary sale going on!

What is curry powder doing in a salon?

#ootd lulz My bag broke so had to change to a new one then I realized this was flaking white stuff everywhere =/

Full length mirrors! 

I love that they serve coffee! They're having an anniversary promotion right now with 40% off chemical services but there is a promotion for haircut as well.

And let the 3 hour process begin! Guess what colour am I colouring my hair? lolol RM 135 for Schwarzkopf hair dye (my hair is considered long) and an extra RM 30 for scalp protectant.

My stylist, Simon is cheerful and easy to talk to. Didn't want to be shown on my blog though lol 

Nicole decided to go for a digital perm (around RM 220).

Because the environment is so relaxed and friendly, we just sorta.. went a lil crazy taking photos.

Felix giving her hair the final touches. 

From dull faded yellow to a bronzey colour! 

Geez.. I shouldn't be allowed to walk around with hair like this. 

Outdoors, the colour looks amazing! Sadly, the red doesn't last and will fade into a brown shade (I requested for brown). Although my hair looks healthy and soft on the right, the dye was pretty damaging. Nothing my super awesome conditioner can't fix though ^_^

Perm added volume! 

It's not really curls but just nice waves all around.

2 vainpots

The promotion lasts until the end of July so be quick if you need a hair makeover! Click HERE for info on haircut promotions. One thing I want to note is that the stylists here do NOT practice hard selling at all. In fact, I was not asked to purchase anything more other than the scalp protectant (which I happily accepted because I have sensitive scalp). Simon didn't push it either.


  1. Hmm.. the last time I went (a month ago) they were pretty hard sell on the membership package.
    RM135 for long hair dye is a pretty good value though! Your hair looks awesome in red :D

  2. Oh really cute your style!

  3. haha now u have curry powder hair eh?? *just jk anyway u look good in new colour! :D

  4. You imagine my shock when my hair was still that colour when washed off before blow drying xD

  5. I have monsoon-id member credit of rm162 left and using that member card could get 20% discount. I'm selling it at rm150.


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