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Why I Didn't Learn How to Swim

With the temperature drop and the frozen fish/moose/fox stunt, one can only assume that.. The end is coming.

Remember this!

All that water. I don't think I've mentioned it here but I am really afraid of drowning. Like.. I would avoid deep waters and not venture out into the sea when at the beach. I've tried swimming lessons once.. Total failure.

I'm not only afraid of swimming pools but afraid of the stuff that are at the bottom as well. Like this one time at a hotel pool, we went in for a dip (it was shallow enough for me to be in it comfortably). Suddenly I felt something slippery and lost my footing. I looked down and realized that the bottom of the pool was full of worms. Slippery green worms.

Then after that my friends and I went for swimming lessons together. Very enthu wan. All equipped with cap and goggles. As it isn't hygienic, I can't wear contact lenses but my goggles don't come with prescription so it was safe to say that I was almost blind.

Then it didn't help that we were sharing the pool with the much younger kids who were learning as well. Here we are with our yellow floats & blue foam boards while they're already zooming through the water. How demotivating =/

Then during one lesson, the young male instructor was gonna teach us the frog kick. He made us float faced down at the edge of the pool on the stairs and kick our legs like a frog. However, he was not satisfied with our lack of openness. He kept shouting open bigger open bigger! I'm just like dude.. I don't know you. I can't see you when you're standing behind me. There's no way I'm opening my legs wide for you wtf

Then we also got called aunty by one of the small girls there lah.

Aunty, where's the toilet?

Yeah, I can still remember it, little girl!!

But the worst thing that made me say NO to continuing my lesson there was when I almost drowned and they didn't even notice. They asked us to get into the pool without teaching us how to stand up. I needed to breath but was in the middle of the pool. I tried to stand but failed repeatedly, causing me to drink some of the water. After I somehow managed to get it right, I looked to the side and the instructors were busy chatting omg! *facepalm*

Then of course, I get feet cramps every single time I get into the water, which makes it hard for me to swim. So... I stopped my lessons and prayed that I never fall prey to a tsunami or fall into deep water. Or the end of the world.


  1. Green worms????? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE worm. @-@

  2. I don't know how to swim, too, but I'd always want to learn. Btw, the worms in the pool is so gross maybe they're not really concern with their guests.

  3. Yes. Green slippery worms omg so gross!

  4. hahah. i love your drawings here. learning how to swim is so important! what if something happens right? lol that being said, i hate going to the swimming pool and the changing in and out of clothes. not to mention the chlorine water.

    A Beautiful Zen


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