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PeriPera Peri's Tint Water (Cherry Juice)

I've seen this brand in Sasa but the I got it online for half the price! I love tints because they're so long lasting compared to lipsticks or gloss. The shade I have here is Cherry Juice but I believe there are 5 colours including a pink and orange.

The texture is like water so it dries really quick. Be fast when you blend!

Prep lips with a good lip balm. Really really important..
- Moisturize lips because this lip tint is drying
- Use a sweetened balm like the Smurfette one to counter the bitterness of the tint
- With a base, the tint doesn't stick too fast so you can blend it better

Works well for cheeks too but just make sure you use it before powder foundation/blush.

Applied lightly, it's a slight flush of colour which gives you a sorta 'healthy look'. Unlike lipsticks where the colour just sits as a layer on top, tints seem to just glow from within. As the colour seeps inside, I don't have to worry about it transferring onto my clothes/cup or smudging.

Applying more will give you Ruby lips. The thing I like about this red is that it's so vibrant and doesn't make me look old ^_^

What do you think? Have you tried the other colours?

Size : 6.5 ml
Price : RM 15+
Bought from :
Made in Korea

Pros : Long lasting, doesn't transfer, cheap, can be used for lips and cheek
Cons : Drying, tastes bitter, cannot be shifted after it's dry

My conclusion : Awesome product for such an affordable price tag! In retail shops here, it costs slightly over RM 30 but you can get good deals online.


  1. Nice! i want to try the pink one. :D

  2. Yeah! I would check out the shades first though.. I believe Etude House is either orange or purplish.

  3. Replies
    1. You can get a lot of these makeup for cheaper prices on =D Just be careful as some of them may be fake!

  4. These look great! I usually use tints on the cheek though. I prefer bold colors on the lips. Hehe! By the way, are there any good Malaysian makeup products that you would recommend? :)


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