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[Giveaway] Kissed by Smurfette

Look what arrived in my mail~ Flavoured Lip Balm from The Smurfs! I think Smurfette is absolutely smurfing pretty.

Make sure you read the whole post to find out how you can win one! ;)

*gasp* The lip balm itself is a peachy colour! It's just a colour but I love that it's such a girly colour. Feel happy just looking at it when I apply xD So much better than just plain white waxy looking ones..

So cute can.. Great for Smurf fans!

Smells really good of sweet strawberries x_x Kinda like my favourite strawberry lollipops.

Tastes sweet too! Even under lipstick, I can still taste it and can't stop licking my lips =x Plus point! Good for those people who hate applying lip balm. Also.. I discovered a great use for this! You know how lip tints taste absolutely horrendous? They're kinda bitter and just bleh! However, if you apply this lip balm beneath it, not only can you counter the drying effect of lip tints but it makes it taste sweet! ;)

It doesn't melt or become oily so it's perfect under lipstick. I wouldn't say it's waxy either, just a protective balm that softens and moisturizes my dry lips.

Feel prettier with Smurfette lip balm on xD

Ingredients list below: 

You can get this product from

Supermodel's Secrets
Address : First Floor, 41A, Jln SS 15/4B Subang jaya 47600
(Same row as Secret Recipe & Herbs N Foods)

Or win one for yourself from!

They're giving a 100 lip balms away~~

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