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[Giveaway] Natta Cosme - Bringing Out Your Inner Beauty

Received this pretty love parcel from Natta Cosme!

First, a lil intro~ Natta is a planet where there is a rule to not have any 2 individuals look the same. If it does happen, they will be sent to Natta Cosme, which carries numerous beauty products, to transform themselves in a unique way, bringing out their inner beauty. 

"This can be seen in the double "T's" of the logo of Natta Cosme which represents
that every individual is distinctively different from one another."

The shop carries over 100 brands, including My Beauty Diary, Canmake, Candydoll, K-Palette, Kracie, Kao, Mandom, Sana, Rosebud, Ma Cherie, Majorlica Majorca, Senka, Tsubaki and more! Some of the stuff are cheaper than retail and there are currently sales up to 50%! Great that I can see some of my favourite brands here! ^_^

Here's my first try of Naruko products from Natta Cosme~

Naruko Tea Tree Purifying Clay Mask & Cleanser in 1
A unique product! It's a clay mask with tiny exfoliating beads inside. However, you can simply mix it with water to use like a normal cleanser.

Apply a thin layer on your T zone or all over the face. I was having really congested oily skin so I chose the latter. It has a minty scent and is very cooling & refreshing.

Once it's dry, wet your skin a little and massage gently to exfoliate. As usual after clay mask/scrub, my skin is left smoother but it's not too drying even though it's both combined.

For use as a cleanser, simply lather with water!

VC Brightening & Deep Hydrating Mask
Alright.. I gotta admit the packaging is a bit strange =/ 

The very thin sheet can strangely hold A LOT of essence! The fit is not perfect but because it's soft, you can easily adjust it. It is moderately moisturizing but you get tonnes of serum to massage in or apply on your neck and body. 

ampm Dual-phase Tone Correcting Tinted Sunshade SPF35***
Narcissus Total Defense BB Sunscreen SPF50****
Both sunblocks set easily without any sticky or greasy feelings. There was no white cast either. They have a sorta watery gel-like consistency that is moisturizing. I strangely did not find the first one to be tinted though.. But its SPF content is good enough for daily usage. I like how they feel so light on skin and can act as hydrating bases.

I recommend you to check out brands like Ma Cherie, Senka, Tsubaki etc on Natta Cosme! They're definitely cheaper than retail ^_^

Natta Cosme
06-6017555 (10am-7pm)
019-6500 746

*** GIVEAWAY ***

Wanna try out Naruko for yourself?
Leave a comment on my Facebook page by answering this question :
Which brand(s) on Natta Cosme are you most interested in?

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*** GIVEAWAY ***


  1. I always wanted to try Ma Cherie after reading your post but the pharmacy here dont have. Thank Q

  2. Online shopping is convenient xD


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