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K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Mascara (02 Natural Brown)

With coloured hair, frankly my dark eyebrows look strange sometimes. I usually leave it unfilled since I have fringe but when you remove my fringe.. Hello, floating eyes?! Looks worse IRL! Like bulging eyes or sth..

Ta-da! This is the product I've been using to disguise my naturally black eyebrow hair. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Mascara in 02 Natural Brown. There's a lighter one in 01 Camel Brown as well.

The special brush!

I use the brush side, not the U-side to apply. It's really easy since the formula is quite watery but adheres well. Just go back and forth until the hair is covered til the roots. On my first few attempts, I got the colour on my skin and took too long until it clumped =/ Practice makes perfect~ 

There you go~ Love how it makes the hair the same colour as my eyebrow pencil. It softens the whole look. 

The colour itself is a bronzey yellow that's quite shimmery so I wouldn't say it's the most natural eyebrow mascara I've seen. Can only be spotted close up though. 

I do think it is slightly too light & yellow for my hair colour but I can live with it =)

Softer brows are just so much more demure and girly! Great if you're into gyaru looks.

Compulsory photo of me looking stupid lol But I think my brows look pretty nice here haha!

Apparently resistant to water, perspiration and sebum but in general, my brow products don't normally budge.

Probably matches their Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow which I have reviewed in 01 Chocolate Brown & 02 Honey Brown. And for light brows, brown eyeliner would be awesome! I really like their brown eyeliner. And not to mention my current fav undereye concealer, the Zero Kuma Concealer.

Price : RM 42.90
Bought from : Sasa
Made in Japan


  1. Eh not bad! Your brows match ur hair colour! :D I personally am too lazy to do anything except trim my brows every couple of months, but I can see the allure of eyebrow mascara for those who are following the current makeup trend. :D

  2. I cannot.. My original eyebrows are just.. yer

  3. I like how these give it a more fuller look as well. Your eyebrows are quite brown already! I want mine to be like that D: haha

  4. ohhhh I too find the colour too light for your hair colour...I don't like using eyebrow mascara alone as it does not give the full shape..usually i use eyebrow pencil after that to fill in the gap to make a fuller shape...

  5. me too lazy..I only fill my eyebrows when I do makeup..else it will be plain brows..

  6. useful when have lighter hair color! and can make thick brow looks softer as well. =)

  7. looks good on you! I don't really have much problem with it not matching the colour of my hair cos I have black hair that i've never dyed before :/ contemplating dyeing it soon though. Cos my hair is black, I usually use a dark grey than black for my eyebrows so that it doesn't make me look too fierce ;p


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