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Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask

Another product from my HiShop Welcome Pack..

This time I'm reviewing the Nature & Co Vital Purity Lift Mask.

Original packaging is in a jar, which I'm not too sure how it'll work since it is a clay mask..

Tightens pores and smoothens skin texture
This cool-feeling lift mask smoothens out sagging skin
The natural clay ingredients banish dullness to produce soft, smooth skin
No artificial coloring

Has a really thick texture but is easy to spread.

The creamy mask applies smoothly and doesn't slide off. Avoid eye areas. I experienced some warmth from the product (hence avoid eye areas) which apparently is from the organic lavender extract which has cooling & tightening properties to lift skin.

Leave on skin for a maximum of 5 minutes. The natural clay base removes waste products and promotes skin turnover. Forgive my Angelina Jolie lips.. I didn't wanna crack the mask xD

And this when I realized that I ALWAYS frown, even when I'm doing nothing for 15 minutes dammit!

Really easy to remove even with water, unlike some other clay masks I've tried. Also, it doesn't really dry out my skin, which is surprising. Although I don't see any miraculous effects, it makes my skin feel nice and removes shine.

Size : 140 ml
Price : RM 88.90

** Product was provided by HiShop for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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