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Empro Aqua Gel Base & Aqua BB SPF 30 PA++

Empro has recently upgraded their Aqua Series, namely the Aqua Gel Base & Aqua BB SPF 30 PA++! The range is meant to hydrate & nourish skin while covering imperfections.

Look at this! It's so pretty and sparkly~~ Love the light teal colour.

Looks really silvery in photos. Sorry bout that.. Once blended out, it's not that obvious but it just provides a slight shimmer. Smells really good too and the gel texture is really light. The product is supposed to brighten skin, promote skin regeneration and cover skin problems (uneven skin tone & imperfections) without clogging pores.

"Made from natural ingredients including minerals like coral, pearl, diamond and amethyst, prolonged use of Empro’s Aqua Gel Base will improve your overall dull skin texture and most importantly, helps to protect your skin for pure, even and spotless results - always."

Here, I have applied it on the left of the photo. See? Told you the shimmer isn't too obvious until you look like you jumped out from Twilight.

However, upon close inspection, you will see that the fine shimmer actually helps to brighten your complexion and being out your features. It highlights my cheekbone on the left when it is usually really flat and meh~ Good if you like to create a dewy complexion like the Koreans have.

Next up is the Aqua BB with SPF 30 PA++ which functions as a moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock.

"With frequent usage, it is proven to be able to reduce fine lines and discolouration. It provides UV protection with anti-ageing, skin repair benefits whilst rejuvenating the skin.Furthermore is also contains Ceramide and Hyaluronic Acid which enhances the moisture level.

Made from organic ingredients including flower and plant extracts like Rose, Golden Chamomile, Plum Blossom,Marigold,Dandelion, Chameleon, Thyme, and Japanese Ashitaba Leaves which is popularly known as the "Health Herb rich in anti-oxidant properties with 16 kinds of amino acid and a variety of vitamins. Additionally it contains ShisoLeaves which is rich in minerals and vitamins and has good anti-inflammatory effects."

The texture of the Aqua BB is not thick and it's really easy to spread. In fact, you have to use less product as a tiny bit is sufficient.

Looks really natural and it doesn't appear cakey on skin. 

I wouldn't say the coverage is really great since I still need concealer but it does even out my skin tone and hide certain scars, veins, redness, pores and blemishes.

*No touch up done on my skin in any of the photos in this post
My panda eyes are really just ridiculously dark so I didn't expect the Aqua BB to cover it anyway.. It does however, brighten my dull skin and give me a more even complexion which is good enough. As I'm quite tanned, the initial colour is too light for me but it adjusts quite well after about 15 minutes.

Not perfect but coverage is good enough for such a light BB Cream.

Aqua Gel Base retails for RM 78.80 and Aqua BB retails for RM 98.90.

Check out their Facebook page or website for more info.

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Wanted to try those out the other day and I bailed myself out at the last minute and spent on Giverny's BB Cream instead. My mind is all about purchasing more BB creams and foundation even though I already have enough. Hahaha... Now, I have problem with the excess. I thought of giving away my Rachel K CC Cream because I don't quite like it.

  2. GIVE ME ahahahha! I applied for the sample but not sure where I chucked it =/

  3. Wow. The result is pretty good. Hope to give it a try as well.

  4. Nice coverage! :) I like the shimmer too.


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