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Stage Eye Liner Pencil (Backstage Black)

*This product was part of my Welcome Pack from HiShop.

Yesterday I reviewed the Yadah mask and today I'll talk about the Stage Eye Liner Pencil! Eyeliner plays a big part of my makeup life so I'm glad I got this!

I'm usually more of a liquid eyeliner user but I feel pencils last longer (in the pencil, not on the eye) and you can smudge the edges if you want. It's just the sharpening that I'm sooo lazy to do but alright, I'll be more hardworking!

This eyeliner is really matte and pigmented! The top is the lightest I could get. You won't have to drag or pull your skin to get colour out of this. I've tested it and it is smudge proof, even with water. However, obviously if you scrub really hard, it'll come off. Doesn't flake or melt away in water but removes easily with makeup remover.

 Applies fairly easily without drag.

It produces a softer look compared to liquid eyeliner and actually does not look that BLACK to me! More of a dark grey..

Guess you already saw these in my post for Imagene.

I think the biggest con for pencil eyeliners is not having a sharp tip all the time but this can be solved with a sharpener or applying the eyeliner at an angle instead of straight on that blunts the tip. At RM 33, it's pretty affordable.

Size : 2.5 g
Price : RM 33
Sold at : HiShop
Made in Germany

** Product was provided by HiShop for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Looks really good on your eyes :)

  2. wow.. you're good at drawing eyeliner.. i've eyeliners with me but I drew them terribly.. guess practise makes perfect? :)

  3. It gets wonky once in a while but yes! Practice does help.. Since I've been drawing for years xD

  4. product looks great on u~~wonder if u put the flower on your head for every photo shooting with products ....hehehe

    well, discover i haven't add u yet. Mind exchange link with me via GFC?

  5. Oh no la, it was from the same day haha..

    I've followed you =)

  6. Dropping by~! c:

  7. i have been using pencil eyeliner all this while and last month, i bought myself a liquid eyeliner!

    it's not that hard as i thought. if im in a rush, i'll use pencil. while liquid eyeliner is for those i-can-take-my-own-sweet-time tim :D

  8. Well, I used to think liquid was really hard until I discovered those that came in the sharper point instead of the brush type!

  9. oh thank you!
    and your eyeliner drawing is good! I can't really draw that well >.<


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